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Training Department

Our Training Department

Ada County Paramedics offers a full spectrum of education opportunities including initial education, continuing education, field training internships and a volunteer reserve program. We are also proud to be an American Heart Association Certified Training Center.

Initial Courses We Offer

Ada County Paramedics offers initial EMT and Advanced EMT courses on an as-needed basis. If you click on the “Enroll in Classes Now” link above and your course is not listed, this means it is not offered at the moment. Our paramedic class is taught through Idaho State University. Please visit their site for additional course information.

  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Course– this is the initial level of certification required to work in the EMS profession
  • Advanced EMT Course– this is the second level of certification required to work in the EMS profession
  • Paramedic Training Program– This is a partnership with Idaho State University (ISU Paramedic Program). This is the highest level of certification EMS professionals can receive.

American Heart Association Courses

  • Ada County Paramedics sponsors training for ACCESS employees only. If you are not part of ACCESS, and in need of local American Heart Association courses, please see our list of American Heart Association Courses.

Volunteer Reserve Program

Ada County Paramedics offers a Volunteer Reserve Program for EMTs at the basic level. This is an opportunity for EMTs to gain field experience and acquire EMS skills. Reserves get experience working in the 911 system and through providing coverage at Ada County Paramedics standby events. Participants in the Volunteer Reserve Program are required to undergo the Ada County Paramedics testing process. Contact us for additional details regarding testing information.