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Special Event Services

Large crowds and sporting events abound with emergency situations. Whether it’s a football game, a concert, a rodeo or a motocross race, chances are there will be spectator and participant health issues and prompt paramedic attention can make all the difference.

Ada County Paramedics is available for contract to be your on-site paramedic team. We’ll take care of something as little as a sprain, or as serious as a heart condition. If you’re organizing an event that needs a professional medical team standing by, contact us today! We’re in it for Life!

Special Events Application

Event Coverage

Special Event Service Fees

Two person crew with medically-equipped ambulance or first aid booth supplies $100/hour
Additional Personnel $50/hour
Supervisor(s) $70/hour

One supervisor will be required when 6-12 crew members are scheduled for a standby event.

Two supervisors will be required when 14 or more crew members are scheduled for a standby event.

All-Terrain Vehicles $200/event
  • ATV charge is in addition to the hourly rate for the standby event.
  • Time of service will include a minimum one hour of total travel time.
  • Fees include all planning and preparation time unless otherwise agreed upon prior to the standby.
  • The minimum time duration for a standby is two hours. Time is billed to the quarter-hour.
  • Please note, all standby events require a minimum of four weeks’ notice and a fully executed standby services agreement.

Some of Our Current Clients Include

  • Boise State University
  • St. Luke’s Women’s Fitness Celebration
  • Western Idaho Fair
  • Boise Music Festival
  • Race to Robie Creek
  • And more!

Contact us today to learn how you can ensure attendees at your event or organization are safe in the event of a medical emergency.