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Community Activities

Contributing to our Community

At Ada County Paramedics we live and work by a set of values that have come to define who we are both as individuals and as an organization– they include humanity, integrity, trust, excellence and stewardship.

We’re not only passionate about saving lives, we also believe in serving Ada County outside of the emergency medical care setting. Whether it’s contributing to our community through public classes or spending our free time volunteering, you’ll find us helping make Ada County an even better place to live and work.

Because Ada County Paramedics is a partially tax-funded government entity, our donations and philanthropic efforts are organized through an employee association. This group, called the Ada County Paramedics Association, is comprised of a large group of Ada County Paramedics employees who pool funds from their own paychecks to help improve our community.

Stop the bleed

Stop the Bleed Course

Would YOU know how to stop bleeding in the event of a severe injury? From tourniquets to wound packing– learn how you could help someone with a severe bleed until first responders arrive on scene. From construction and hunting accidents, to kitchen mishaps and vehicle accidents, this knowledge could save a life! THEN, stick around after the Stop the Bleed portion of the class for another FREE course and learn life-saving Hands Only CPR. Enroll today!

Ada County Paramedics employees fill three shopping carts full of food for local families in need.

7 Cares Idaho Shares Employee Association Donation

Each year the Ada County Paramedics Employee Association participates in the 7 Cares Idaho Shares Food Drive. During the 2016 event, Ada County Paramedics employees and their families went on a shopping trip to a local grocery store and filled three grocery carts full of food. The donated items benefited local Ada County families in need of food.

Ada County Paramedics hosts an annual press conference to bring awareness to domestic violence in our community.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month Partnership

Ada County Paramedics works with the Women’s and Children’s Alliance and local cities within Ada County to designate the month of October as “Domestic Violence Awareness Month.” Ada County Paramedics hosts an annual press conference at our headquarters, where the Ada County Commissioners and the city Mayors proclaim their support for healthy relationships in our community.

Ada County Paramedics Employees delivering toys to hospitalized children

Annual Holiday Toy Drive and Delivery to Hospitalized Children

Each year in December, Ada County Paramedics coordinates an all-county toy drive with employees from the many departments that make up Ada County. After the toys are gathered, Ada County Paramedics employees and the Ada County Commissioners meet at a local hospital in downtown Boise to deliver gifts to children and their siblings, who are hospitalized during the holidays.

ABCs Of Safe Sleep

The “ABCs of Safe Infant Sleep Campaign

Longtime Paramedic Battalion Chief Bart Buckendorf felt like he’d seen too many infant deaths due to unsafe sleep in his 911 career, so he decided to do something about it. Bart discovered the ABCs of Safe Sleep campaign, which says babies under age one should sleep Alone, on their Back, in a Crib. Ada County Paramedics affixed the messaging to 12 ambulances in its fleet and recorded a Public Service Announcement. Bart has since won three prestigious awards for the ABCs of Safe Sleep Campaign, to date: The Nicholas Rosecrans Award, The 2017 Pediatric Provider of the Year Award, and the Ada County Paramedics Pursuit of Excellence Award.

Neighbors in Need

Ada County Paramedics created the Neighbors in Need program to help individuals and families who are struggling to pay their ambulance bills. If you would like to contribute to this ambulance-bill-assistance fund, please send a check to the address listed below. If you need assistance with your ambulance bill, please contact us. While funds are limited, our Association is always happy to try and help.

Ada County Paramedics
Neighbors in Need Fund
370 N. Benjamin Ln.
Boise, Idaho 83704