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Want to love what you do and make a difference? This may be the place for you!

Work and Life in Ada County

Ada County Paramedics’ headquarters is located in the picturesque city of Boise, Idaho. Idahoans enjoy a wealth of outdoor activities year round. From mountain biking, rock climbing and white water rafting, to skiing, golfing, fly fishing and boating, our paramedics and EMTs always have something to keep them active! Downtown Boise is also a shopping and dining hub. Quaint boutiques and delectable restaurants abound in the historic blocks of Old Boise.

Hiring Process

Ada County Paramedics conducts a hiring exam in the spring and fall of each year for AEMT, Paramedic and Reserve positions. The hiring process consists of a written exam, a physical agility test, practical scenarios and an in-person interview. Each level of the hiring process is conducted sequentially and success in each preceding level is required to advance in the process.

Job Alerts

Ada County offers email notifications of new employment opportunities as they become available.  Visit the Ada County Careers page to sign up!

Application Process

Ada County Paramedics hires the best of the best! Our application process, requirements and job descriptions are outlined below.

EMT Job Family Description

Paramedic Job Family Description

Reserves- Reserves have similar duties to EMTs and are volunteer positions only.

Hiring Testing Information

EMT and Paramedic State Requirements

Idaho State EMS to ensure you have the necessary credentials to work in the state of Idaho.

Reciprocity — Certification: $110 if state required

State EMS Criminal Background: $65

EMT and Paramedic Compensation and Benefits

  • Paramedics Base: $52,809
  • AEMT Base: $38,045
  • EMT Base: $35,882

In addition to base compensation, Ada County Paramedics offers employees a robust benefit package, including healthcare, dental, vision, retirement and paid vacation and sick leave.


What are the expectations for Physical Agility?

Ada County Paramedics uses a validated, job specific, non-gender biased physical abilities test developed by FitResponder. Upon application acceptance candidates will receive detailed test information. Learn more at the FitResponder EMS Physical Abilities Testing page.

Do you allow paramedics in the Reserve program?

No, this is not covered under our Medical Direction.

What is a “Reserve” and what is the job requirement?

Reserve is an EMT or AEMT volunteer. A non-paying position. The job requirement is the same as full-time EMT or AEMT positions. Being a Reserve gives EMTs/AEMTs the opportunity to work with paramedics and learn the EMS system. Reserves are encourage to attend all educational training we provide and we recommend each volunteer commit 36 hours each month.

My CPR, ACLS and PALS certification is not credentialed through American Heart Association (AHA), will you be able to accept them?

No, we cannot verify another training program. To receive an AHA certification in any of disciplines you may visit the AHA Course Catalog and take online classes at your own expense.

I am volunteering for the Reserve Program, do I have to pay for the Criminal History Background check and my EMS license?

Yes, this is your credential/license. If you decide to transfer or move to another location it will belong to you, not Ada County Paramedics.

Why doesn’t Ada County Paramedics pay for the Criminal History Background check or the State EMS license if I’m one of their employees?

This license belongs to you, not Ada County Paramedics. You can transfer to different agencies with this license. Ada County Paramedics only requires a copy of your certification. The Criminal History Background is required by State EMS to receive a license.

Will I be responsible for any application fees if offered a position?

Yes, you will be required to complete the H&W Criminal History Background which costs $65. Please be sure to use ACP ID “1680” to align with us. You will also be responsible for the State EMS license and after accepting a position with Ada County Paramedics you will be required to complete the Initial Personnel License application which costs $35.

I do not hold a National Registry card but I have an out-of-state card, can I still apply?

Yes, but you will need to complete the Reciprocity application and License verification request form with State EMS prior to applying with Ada County Paramedics.

I just want to volunteer as an EMT/AEMT do I need to fill out the application for hire?

Yes, everyone is required to complete a hiring application. During the first few questions you will be asked for which position you are applying– “Paramedic, EMT/AEMT, Reserve” or “Both (EMT/AEMT or Reserve).” EMTs who are not hired will generally be asked if they would like to be in our Reserve Program.

I am a paramedic student and I don’t want to miss the opportunity to take the exam. Do I qualify for your hiring exam?

Paramedic students wanting to take our pre-employment hiring exam must provide proof that he/she is registered for the National Registry Exam. Those who are not pending this level will not be permitted to take our exam.

How soon after testing and interviewing will I be notified whether I will receive a job offer?

We strive to let everyone know as soon as possible, however, this could take up to 3 weeks. Please do not call prior to the 3 week mark

Will I know if I pass?

Yes, each step of the way you will be notified if you pass or fail (although no scores will be given out.) Throughout the process you will be informed what your next step will be.

How long does the hiring process take?

  • Written – 2 hours
  • Physical Agility – 2-6 hours
  • Paramedic Practical Skills – 1 hour
  • EMT Practical Skills – 30 minutes

Can I take the written exam before the scheduled exam time?


How do I find out when there are open positions?

All open positions will be posted to our website under the Careers tab. Please check back on a regular basis. We will also notify of open positions via Ada County and the Idaho EMS Listserve websites. If you would like to get updates for job announcements, news releases or other county news, please subscribe. By signing up for the county job announcement, you will be the first to know when a new job posts.

How often do you hire for paramedics/EMTs?

Our hiring depends on department needs. If there is an opening for two or more positions, we will generally hold a hiring exam in the spring or fall.