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What is ACCESS?

The acronym “ACCESS,” which stands for “Ada County/City Emergency Services System” and is also sometimes referred to as “The Joint Powers Agreement,” is a collaborative effort between multiple Ada County public safety agencies. In 2013 local Emergency Medical Services Chiefs and Fire Chiefs began crafting a system to maximize tax dollars, minimize supply and resource duplication, and ensure consistency while delivering the highest level of emergency medical services to Ada County residents.

Who is part of ACCESS?

What does ACCESS do?

The Joint Powers Agreement, signed on July 17, 2013, gives all member agencies equal power in decision voting, allows for shared resources and creates common practices and joint trainings among the agencies. The model was developed to maximize patient care, streamline operating procedures and develop medical protocols between the agencies.

The agreement also establishes two Medical Directors, one from St. Luke’s Health System and the other from Saint Alphonsus Health System who provide clinical management and gather input from the medical community. Together, the doctors oversee and coordinate training and procedures used by each agency. The goal being to ensure patients receive the highest quality of care available regardless of the responding agency or the patient’s location within the county.

Why is ACCESS good for our community?

Patients and taxpayers benefit from ACCESS. The system agreement focuses on two important things for those who live, work in or visit Ada County:

  • For Patients: It creates unified and consistent medical procedures and protocols. Boise Valley residents can be confident that they will receive the highest level of care, regardless of where their emergency occurs.
  • For Taxpayers: Working together to provide unified emergency response reduces waste and removes expense duplication –- while increasing the quality of service throughout Ada County.