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New MedCat Ambulance Equips Ada County Paramedics’ ‘Tac Med’ Team for Patient Rescue

Boise, ID, December 7, 2018— Ada County Paramedics’ Tactical Medical Team, which is dispatched with and serves as the medical side of SWAT, unveiled its new MedCat armored ambulance Monday, December 10 at 2:30 in a ceremony in the Ada County Public Safety Building parking lot.

Ada County Paramedics Tac Med Commander, Chris Shandera said the MedCat was purchased to more safely provide victim, citizen and officer rescue in environments with a direct threat of firearms.

“It fills a rescue gap, identified through both real-life and training events,” Shandera said. “We did not have a seamless way to respond to these hazards previously. We would occasionally use the SWAT Team’s armored vehicle, however, their vehicle is not specifically equipped to transport patients requiring Advanced Life Support, nor was it always at our team’s disposal.”

Following a Boise Police Officer involved shooting November 2016, during which two officers were shot and a K9 was killed, Shandera said his team, which was deployed with SWAT that day and tended to the officers’ gunshot injuries, recognized the need for a better patient evacuation strategy. Shortly thereafter, Ada County Paramedics submitted paperwork to the Ada County Office of Emergency Management, who locally oversees a grant through the Department of Homeland Security, for the vehicle. Ada County’s Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment, (THIRA), which addresses community hazards, agreed this vehicle would bridge logistical response gaps, and help keep our community safer.

Ada County Emergency Management Director Doug Hardman said the vehicle will vastly improve Ada County’s ability to rescue patients in high-threat environments and expedite pre-hospital treatment and transport.

“I’m proud my staff and I were able to assist the Ada County Paramedics in the acquisition of their new armored ambulance, and most importantly, I’m thankful for the support we had from the Mayors and Board of County Commissioners,” Hardman said.

“The Ada County community as a whole is very lucky our local first responders have some of the best equipment and training available,” Shandera said. “Receiving this grant will help my team keep more victims, community bystanders and officers safe in these very dangerous situations.”



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