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W e ' r e   i n   i t   f o r   L i f e!

Ada County Paramedics has provided exceptional medical care and superior service since 1975. Our expertise and genuine concern for our patients are just a few of the many things that shape our philosophy-- which is based on integrity, trust, humanity, stewardship and excellence.

Ada County Paramedics serves the residents of Ada County as healthcare providers and patient advocates. Our organization is also passionate about donating our time and employee-pooled funds to local causes in an effort to enrich the lives of those who call Ada County their home.


Emergencies can be scary, but your ambulance bill doesn't have to be.
 Vital Ride covers your whole family starting at just $5 a month! Enroll in Vital Ride today learn how you can get one year FREE!

We are accepting Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) applications for our hiring list. Apply today!