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Non-Commercial Fee Structure (Weight Based)

Non-Commercial Customers are individuals who wish to utilize the landfill. These individuals will be bringing general household waste that is generated from a personal home or property.

These loads are the only loads that are charged based on an assessment of weight. To determine what rate you will be charged look and see what category of waste your load may fall into.

Minimum Fee: $11.00
Checks, cash and credit/debit cards ARE accepted at the Ada County Landfill
For more information, please call the Ada County Landfill at (208) 577-4725 or e-mail:


General Waste
$11 (up to 660 lbs.)
$33.00 per ton
This is waste typically generated by a residence. It is generally easy to compress in the Ada County Landfill. Think of this waste as regular household trash.
Recyclable Wood
$11.00 (up to 1,000 lbs.)
$22.00 per ton
This rate applies only to wood products placed in the wood waste recycling area (construction lumber, tree limbs, shrubs, or other wood items that can be turned into wood chips). Learn more about recyclable wood
Refrigeration Units
$22.00 each
The Ada County Landfill accepts household refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners. There is a limit of 2 units per household per year. Learn more about recycling refrigeration units
$50.00 per cubic yard
$50 minimum (up to 1 cubic yard)
Asbestos-containing material is accepted by appointment only. Disposal fees for asbestos-containing material include a Special Waste Disposal Certificate. Review the   Asbestos Receiving Procedures.

Each Asbestos Load must be accompanied with a Waste Shipment Record.

$3.50 each (max. 18″ rim diameter)
The Ada County Landfill can accept up to four (4) passenger car size tires (18″ rim diameter or smaller). Call (208) 577-4725 for additional information or Learn more about recycling tires.
E-Waste, TVs & Computer Monitors
No Charge for items listed as “Acceptable Materials
Electronic devices, such as computer monitors and television sets, which contain cathode ray tubes (CRTs). CRTs contain up to 8 pounds of lead which is a hazardous waste. The landfill accepts CRTs as part of the Household Hazardous Materials Collection Program. Learn more about recycling E-Waste TVs & Computer Monitors

Residential Trash Service Rates are set by a local jurisdiction, i.e., the City of Boise sets rates within their city limit, the City of Meridian sets rates within their city limit, etc. For information about residential trash rates, please contact the local jurisdiction.

Ada County Rates – Outside All City Limits (Unincorporated Ada County)
Ada County Treasurer’s Office – Trash Billing
Phone: (208) 287-6800
Website: AdaCounty Billing Services

Boise City Rates
Boise Public Works – Environmental Division
Phone: (208) 384-3901
Website: Boise Public Works

Kuna Rates
Kuna City Hall
Phone: (208) 922-5546
Website: Kuna City Hall

Phone: (208) 922-3313
Website: J&M Sanitation

Meridian Rates
Meridian Trash Billing
Phone: (208) 888-4433
Website: Republic Services-Meridian

Garden City, Eagle, and Star
Republic Services
Phone: (208) 345-1265
Republic Services provides trash service collection (under contracts) in the cities of Garden City, Eagle and Star. Call for current residential service rates in these cities.
Website: Republic Services-Garden City