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Commercial Fee Structure (Volume-Based)

Effective October 1, 2014

Commercial Customers are those who come to the landfill as a result of their profession. These can include builders, contractors, landscapers, repair companies or anyone who is disposing of waste due to a job.

Commercial Customers are charged by volume. The fees that are assessed are determined by the type of waste that is being disposed of.

Each load has a minimum fee of $11.00

Checks, cash and credit/debit cards ARE accepted at the Ada County Landfill
For more information, please call the Ada County Landfill at (208) 577-4725 or e-mail:[email protected]


General Waste
$5.50 per cubic yard
$11.00 and 2-yard minimum
This is waste not compacted. This type of waste can be grass clippings debris from a yard or residential cleanup. It is generally easy to compress in the Ada County Landfill.
Compacted Waste
$11.00 per cubic yard
1-yard minimum
This rate is only available to commercial trash haulers who have vehicles capable of compacting waste (compactor truck or compactor box).
Construction Demolition Waste (C&D)
$11.00 per cubic yard
1-yard minimum
This is all waste from construction or demolition projects, including, but not limited to, lumber, metal, wallboard (gypsum board), roofing material, carpet, dirt, rocks, concrete, bricks, and appliances (except refrigeration units). If a waste is not compressible or crushable, it is construction/demolition waste.
Recyclable Wood
$2.75 per cubic yard
$11.00 minimum
4-yard minimum
This rate applies only to wood products placed in the wood waste recycling area (construction lumber, tree limbs, shrubs, or other wood items that can be turned into wood chips). Learn More
Refrigeration Units
$22.00 each
The Ada County Landfill accepts household refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners. There is a limit of 2 units per household per year. Learn more about recycling refrigeration units
Asbestos Containing Material
$50.00 per cubic yard
$50 minimum (up to 1 cubic yard)
Asbestos-containing material is accepted by appointment only. Disposal fees for asbestos-containing material include a Special Waste Disposal Certificate. Review the  Asbestos Receiving Procedures.

Each Asbestos load must be accompanied by a Waste Shipment Record.

Special Waste
Disposal Certificate
A Special Waste Disposal Certificate is used when a person or business wants documented proof that their waste was properly disposed and buried in the Ada County Landfill. The disposal is witnessed by landfill personnel.
$3.50 each
(max. 18″ rim diameter)
The Ada County Landfill can accept up to four (4) passenger car size tires (18″ rim diameter or smaller). Call (208) 577-4725 for additional information or click to learn more about recycling tires..
E-Waste, TVs & Computer Monitors 
No Charge for items listed as”Acceptable Materials
Electronic devices, such as computer monitors and television sets, which contain cathode ray tubes (CRTs). CRTs contain up to 8 pounds of lead which is a hazardous waste. The landfill accepts CRTs as part of the Household Hazardous Materials Collection Program. For loads of 10 or more units, an appointment is required. To schedule an appointment contact the landfill at (208) 577-4725Learn more about recycling


‘L’ is the length of your load, measured in feet; ‘W’ is the width of your load, also measured in feet; and, ‘H’ is the height of your load (in feet, too). Be sure to measure just the material, not the trailer or container it’s in. Once you have multiplied the length times the width times the height, divide this number by 27 (that’s how many cubic feet there are in one cubic yard). This will tell you how many cubic yards are in your load. Then, multiply that number by the disposal fee for the type of material you are bringing to the Ada County Landfill.

REMEMBER – For commercial customers, fees are not assessed by weight. Instead, the charge for a commercial load will be determined by the measured volume of the load.

4′ by 8′ by 2′ = 2 cubic yards 7′ by 10′ by 4′ = 10 cubic yards
5′ by 6′ by 3′ = 3 cubic yards 7′ by 12′ by 4′ = 12 cubic yards
5′ by 8′ by 3′ = 4 cubic yards 7′ by 15′ by 4′ = 15 cubic yards