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Landfill Staff

Administration Staff

Image of Kurt Hunt

Kurt Hunt

Director of Ada County Landfill

Image of Theresa Rademacher

Theresa Rademacher

Deputy Director

Barbie Cogan

Financial Office Supervisor

Image of Misty Toulouse

Misty Toulouse

Account Clerk II

Image of Mary Pera

Mary Pera

Account Clerk II

Environmental Compliance

Image of Chad Schwend

Chad Schwend

Environmental Compliance Coordinator


Image of Justin McConnell

Justin McConnell

Operations Supervisor

Image of Micah Munion

Micah Munion

Landfill Technician III

Image of Cody Mendenhall

Cody Mendenhall

Landfill Technician II

Image of David Dyer

David Dyer

Landfill Technician II

Image of Kenny Butt

Kenny Butt

Landfill Technician I

Image of Chuck Silvers

Chuck Silvers

Landfill Technician I

Scale House Operators

Barbara Burkhardt

Jay Camp

Cearah Munion

Marna Poulson

Donna Kinkead

Mysti McFarlane