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Internship Opportunities

Internships with us provide:

  • Valuable work experience to bolster your resume
  • Interview skills
  • A professional network for references and possible job opportunities
  • Knowledge of the Juvenile Justice System, Juvenile Corrections Act, and the Balanced Approach to Juvenile Justice

ACJCS offers internship opportunities for a wide variety of disciplines. Our staff will determine the placement of an intern within a division of the agency.  Placement quantities are limited; there may not be enough available each semester for every student seeking placement.  All interns will be interviewed, and must pass reference and criminal background checks.

If you are interested in an internship, please contact:

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Renee Cox

Intern Coordinator

Phone: (208) 577-4865


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An internship within this division will provide an opportunity to work directly with juvenile offenders.  The detention center has the capacity to supervise interns during regular business hours, 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

This internship provides development in the following areas:

  • Exposure to working within a correctional facility
  • Direct contact with juvenile residents
  • Tutoring of residents
  • Group programming work with residents in a classroom setting
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Probation Officer

This intern assignment provides overall exposure to the juvenile court system by working directly with juvenile offenders and their families. Field, home, and office visits are expected and flexible hours are required. The variety of opportunities available to probation  interns support professional development and growth in the following areas:

  • Assessment skills
  • Contracts
  • Problem-solving
  • Program familiarity
  • Crisis intervention
  • Group facilitation or co-facilitation

Diversion Program

A placement in with diversion is a one-year commitment, commencing with the fall semester.  Interns here focus on prevention and intervention by working with first-time, low-risk offenders to educate and develop skills to help juveniles make better decisions, hold them accountable, and provide reparation to the community.  The intervention consists of a diversion program, where clients resolve cases out of court and under the supervision of a probation/diversion officer.  Interns will be trained in small group facilitation in order to present curricula to students at local middle & junior high schools and will partner with school counselors and fellow interns to facilitate groups.

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Internship opportunities within the programs division focus on the following areas:


A placement here is for MSW students ,and is a one year commitment commencing with fall semester.  Interns will work with at-risk juvenile offenders who may also be victims of child abuse, have exposure to domestic violence, or have substance abuse issues. Hours are generally between 8 AM and 7 PM. Professional development in this placement will focus on:

  • Client Assessment
  • Case Management
  • Group Facilitation
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Individual and Family Counseling


A placement here will have you focused on our “Education Career Opportunities” (ECO) program alongside a professional teacher.  Interns will assist court involved youth with GED preparation, employ-ability skills, and independent living skills.

Victim Services

Interns in this area provide case management and advocacy for victims of juvenile crime.  Professional development will focus on contacting victims, monitoring case status, escorting victims to court hearings, preparing reports, filing, networking with probation officers, attorneys, and other court personnel.

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Support Services

Internships offered within this division are located at the Juvenile Court House on Denton Street in Boise.  Placement areas include:

Data & Business Analysis

Interns in this area conduct research, compile data, create charts, presentations, and write reports on court hearings, detention, probation, and programs related data. The position requires Excel and PowerPoint skills, attention to accuracy and detail, and a desire to work with data. Opportunities are provided to attend court hearings, and receive department-wide training.


Training interns perform a  variety of internal training and support tasks including, design and publication of the annual department training plan, conducting research of selected topics training and coaching, observing operations of other divisions to assess training needs. Interns also provide maintenance for the internal training website.

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