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Recommended Reading and On-Line Resources for the Family

On-Line Resources

For Children, Pre-Teens, Teens, and Adults

Families – has a simple guide for children of all ages to learn about divorce and separation, a youth guide that helps kids learn strategies to deal with a family reorganization and a guide for parents going through divorce and separation.

For School-Age Children

Sesame Street – has a website for younger children with families who are going through divorce.

PBS For Kids  –  Another great resource for kids providing general information about divorce: what it is, how it affects families and individuals. The site offers activities and quizzes to help children as well.

For Pre-Teens and Teens – This website offers information for children about the divorce process, how to deal with feelings associated with divorce and what to potentially expect. There is an additional section for teens as well.

For Parents – Provides information to parents who are divorcing and information tailored to parents who were never married. Like children of divorce, children of unmarried parents can have special needs as they grow up between two homes.  You will find on this unique website your best defense against unnecessary hurt, turmoil, and expense. They also have a section for parents where domestic violence is an issue.

Parents Corner – Our Parents Corner offers short articles and videos that parents have referred to as everything from eye-opening to life-changing.  Enjoy them at your leisure. –  is the online presence for Custody & CoParenting Solutions (CCPS) offering education, publications, and consultation. CCPS services take a fresh look at the challenges families face today incorporating the shifts in family patterns, family law, and the latest brain research on how we learn, manage stress, change, and emotions. The newest CCPS publication is The CoParenting Toolkit: The essential supplement for Mom’s House, Dad’s House. You may also read and download current articles and tips for parents

Planning for Parenting Time – provides information about parenting schedules, information about long-distance parenting, absent parents reunifying, blended (step) families, children who don’t want to spend time with a parent, contact with an incarcerated parent, high conflict, military families, never married families, special needs children, third-party involvement, safety focused parenting plans, domestic violence, alcohol or drug use, protective orders, alternative dispute resolution, and information about assessments.

Free On-Line Parenting Classes – This online course helps parents make informed decisions about their separation, putting the children’s needs first. This on-line Parenting After Separation (PAS) course does not replace Ada County’s Focus on Children class.

Resources for a Small Fee

OurFamilyWizard – Helps divorce or separated families communicate, share, organize, manage, calendar, document and exchange information. Currently priced for each parent as follows:
$55.00 for a 6-month subscription
99.00 for a one-year subscription
$179.00 for a two-year subscription
Child Accounts:  Each child is given access to a child account.  These accounts are free of charge.