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Family Court Services

Family Court Services was established in Boise in 1992 in an effort to support the Magistrate Judges of Ada County as well as parties divorcing, modifying their divorce, or establishing custody/parenting arrangements. Family Court Services coordinates and collaborates with many agencies and individuals including the Idaho State Bar Association, attorneys, mediators, parenting evaluators, drug and alcohol evaluators, domestic violence evaluators, specialized treatment providers, mental health evaluators and counselors.
Family Court Services offers divorce and custody-related information to parents. The Focus on Children class is aimed to help parents focus on the needs of their children as they go through the divorce, separation, or custody process. Additionally, Focus on Children staff assists parents without legal representation with divorce and custody paperwork, child support calculations, and parenting plans. Co-parenting education aims to help parents find ways to co-parent after the divorce or separation has taken place. In addition, Family Court Services provides information about mediation, makes referrals to mediators in the community, and monitors court-ordered mediation. A master’s level mental health professional is on staff and available to provide education and information to parents regarding developmental needs of children and how such needs may be met in future parenting schedules.

Family Court Services’ staff are knowledgeable about current programs and services available in the community and may be able to direct parents to community resources appropriate to their needs. Anyone seeking to file for divorce, custody, child support, or a modification of custody or child support can obtain the instructions and court documents free of charge at the Ada County Courthouse or on-line at the Court Assistance Office.