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Domestic Violence Court

Domestic violence Court Program Administrator
Rebecca Kulaga
Ada County Courthouse
200 W. Front Street
Boise, ID 83702
208 287-7605

In 2006, the Ada County Domestic Violence Court (“DVC”) was established. The DVC partnered with the Ada County Prosecutor, Boise City Attorney, Ada County Public Defender, Ada County Misdemeanor Probation, and multiple community stakeholders to build a strong domestic violence court model based on offender accountability. The model includes a criminal misdemeanor docket and a permanent civil protection order docket.

The criminal misdemeanor docket is a fast track court, and typical dispositions take sixty (60) days. Also, the DVC vets all service and treatment providers. Providers must receive approval notice by the DVC Program Administrator before providing any services.

Since 2013, the DVC is a nationally recognized Mentor Court and an Office on Violence Against Women (“OVW”) grant recipient. The DVC also works closely with the Center for Court Innovation (“CCI”). Upon the DVC’s request, CCI completed a Safety Audit to ensure victim safety concerns are systematically met. The DVC maintains a close working relationship with CCI to plan Mentor Court site visits, learn about and attend OVW national trainings, and stay informed of recent domestic violence research. In addition, America Humane conducted an independent analysis approving the Ada County DVC model.

Lastly, the DVC created and maintains a Bench Guide for Idaho judges. The 2017 updates are now complete. If a judge would like a copy, please contact the DVC Program Administrator.


DVC Training History

Committee Membership

Judge John Hawley, Jr.

  • Faculty Development Meeting Committee – NJIDV
  • Judicial Engagement Network for Judicial Leadership

Judge Andrew Ellis

  • Judicial Engagement Network for Judicial Leadership
  • Child Protection Judges Advisory Team
  • Idaho Supreme Court Child Protection Committee

Contact Information

Domestic Violence Court Judges

Domestic Violence Court Program Administrator: Rebecca Kulaga – 208 287-7605

Ada County Prosecuting Attorney: 208 287-7700

Ada County Public Defender: 208 287-7400

Ada County Misdemeanor Probation: 208 577-3380

Boise City Attorney: 208 384-3870