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Transcript Department

Transcript Coordinator
Pamela bourne Pamela Bourne
Ada County Courthouse
200 W. Front Street Room 4171
Boise, ID 83702
208 287-7512
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday

Services Provided by the Ada County Transcript Department:

  • Transcription of Magistrate Court hearings
  • Duplication of audio recordings from Magistrate and District Court hearings
  • Appointments to listen to audio recordings of Magistrate and District Court hearings

Transcript Fees:

Three rates are offered for transcription:

  • $3.25 per page for standard transcripts – allow up to 30 days for preparation time
  • $4.25 per page for expedited transcripts – allow seven days for preparation time
  • $5.25 per page for an overnight transcript – one day preparation time

Transcription estimates must be paid in advance of preparation.

Audio Fees:

For audio duplication, the rate is $.25 per estimated page with a minimum charge of $5.00 per disc.

There is no charge to listen to audio, although an appointment is necessary. Please contact the office to arrange appointments.

Audio duplication estimates over $20.00 must be paid in advance.

The following information is needed to begin processing all requests:

  • Your name and telephone number or e-mail address
  • Case name and number
  • Hearing date
  • Type of hearing
  • Name of the presiding judge

Important Note

The Transcript Office does not transcribe District Court proceedings. If you require a transcript of proceedings heard by a district court judge, please contact the presiding judge’s court reporter. This office will be happy to assist you in contacting the reporter, or you may obtain the name and telephone number for the court reporter by visiting the judge’s web page (as listed at the bottom of the District Judge’s web page).