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Language Access

Language Access

Ada County is committed to providing meaningful access to persons with Limited English Proficiency (LEP). We are working with a language translation service to translate vital documents into Spanish and several other languages. When there is a reasonable request to translate other documents, such as brochures, Ada County may employ translation services available on the Internet.

Ada County primarily relies on the Language Line for interpretation services* on an as-needed basis. The Language Line (1-800-752-6096, is available year-round, any time of day or night, and can accommodate 170 languages. In some circumstances, bi-lingual staff or community volunteers may assist with interpretation if appropriate.

Ada County’s Language Access Plan (LAP) Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that Ada County provides meaningful access to LEP persons. Due to the multiple departments and offices within Ada County, each office or department with a Language Access Plan will also designate its own LAP Supervisor.

LAP Coordinator

Ada County Department of Administration
200 W. Front Street
Boise, ID 83702

Phone:   208-287-7123
FAX:      208-287-7159
TDD:     208-287-7979

[email protected]

Language Access

*Court interpreter services are provided by the Idaho Fourth Judicial District Court. For more information or to request an interpreter, contact the court’s Language Access Office at 208-287-7686 or [email protected].