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Historic Site Inventories

An important mission of the Council is to determine what sites and structures exist within Ada County that may be important to preserve for future generations.  Toward this end, the Council has embarked on several inventories, which together comprise our official inventory of historic sites:

Special Historic Sites

The following sites have been honored locally and/or nationally for their unique contributions to Preserving Ada County’s Heritage:

Survey Reports

Note: These files tend to be fairly large PDF files.  Downloading can take considerable time on a slow connection.

Diversion Dam Power House under construction
1989 Ada County Historic Resources Reconnaissance Survey
Irrigation flum
1990 Irrigation Study to be posted soon!
Stars first School Building
1991 Star Historic District Feasibility Study
Boise Quarries
1992 Boise Area of Impact Windshield Survey of Historic Resources
Star Inter urban Depot retouched
1992 Star Historic District Phase I
Barber Sawmills
1993 Northeast Boise Foothills Cultural Resources Survey
Picture of a house
1995 Dry Creek Study
Picture of house in the trees
1998 Phase I Ada County Study Includes Star & Eagle
Picture of an old barn
1999 Phase II Ada County Study Includes Meridian
Picture of bridge
2000 Phase III Ada County Study Includes Kuna and Orchard
Picture of a white house
2008 Ada County Study Pre-1920 structures

As a future goal, the Council would like to create a single, searchable database of historic sites to facilitate locating information about specific properties.  This is likely to be a very long-term project, so check back here in the future to see what progress has been made.