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County Treasure Winners

The following properties have been awarded the Council’s County Treasure Award for their efforts at Preserving Ada County’s Heritage.   For more information about the County Treasure award, visit our County Treasure Award page


Dennis Wells Barn
May, 2003 Dennis Wells Barn 2350 Amity, Boise Site 253
Mittleider Barn
October, 2004 Mittleider Barn 575 E. Rumpel Ln, Meridian Site 264
November, 2004 Farmstead 767 N. Star Rd, Star Site 16
John Eddlemon Barn
August, 2003 John Eddlemon Barn 2880 S. McDermott, Nampa Site 258
Star Highline Grange Hall
November, 2003 Star Highline Grange Hall 4000 W. Columbia, Star Site 286
Friend Church Revival Grounds
September, 2003 Friend Church Revival Grounds 349 N Star Road, Star Site 15
Mittleider Farmstead
October, 2003 Mittleider Farmstead 575 E. Rumpel Ln, Meridian Site 264
John Thompson Home
January, 2004 John Thompson Home 5220 Ten Mile, Meridian Site 275
Old Ada County Courthouse
February, 2004 Old Ada County Courthouse 514 W Jefferson, Boise
Murgoitio Home
December, 2003 Murgoitio Home 1660 E. Columbia, Meridian Site 290
The Arlene
March, 2004 The Arlene 369 W 3rd St., Kuna Site 361
Gale Home
April, 2004 Gale Home 3595 E. Deer Flat Rd, Kuna Site 296


No awards were made from May 2004 through August 2004.

Eagle Bank Building
September, 2004 Eagle Bank Building 190 E. State St., Eagle Site 103
Mittleider Barn
October, 2004 Mittleider Barn 575 E. Rumpel Ln, Meridian Site 264
November, 2004 Farmstead 767 N. Star Rd, Star Site 16
December, 2004 Smokehouse 270 S. Orchard, Kuna Site 398
January, 2005 Farmstead 1570 E. Ustick Rd, Meridian Site 181
Dr O W Hall Residence
February, 2005 Dr. O.W. Hall Residence 11070 W. State St, Star Site 33
Residence house
March, 2005 Residence 10174 W. State St, Star Site 51
April, 2005 Icehouse 2742 E. Ustick Rd, Meridian Site 183
Star Interurban Depot
May, 2005 Star Interurban Depot 11530 W. State St, Star Site 28


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Kuna Grange
Double Silo
July, 2005 Double Silo 820 S. Black Cat, Meridian Site 218
Rembrandt's Coffee House
August, 2005 Rembrandt’s Coffee House 91 N. First St, Eagle Site 99
Maples Bed & Breakfast
September, 2005 Maples Bed & Breakfast 10600 W. State Street, Star Site 48
Neal House
October, 2005 Neal House 101 W. Pine Street, Meridian
Cohen House
November, 2005 Cohen House 349 W. State Street, Eagle Site 95
Tolleth House
December, 2005 Tolleth House 134 E. State Street, Meridian
Fisher House
January, 2006 Fisher House 78 E. Aiken Road, Eagle Site 101
E.F Hunt House
February, 2006 E. F. Hunt House 49 E. State Avenue, Meridian
Beal House
March, 2006 Beal House 4130 W. Beacon Light Road, Eagle Site 73
Cosgrove Residence
April, 2006 Cosgrove Residence 2800 N. Wing Road, Star Site 40
Boise Valley Church of the Brethren
May, 2006 Boise Valley Church of the Brethren 4721 N. Star Road, Meridian Site 156


Eagle Historical Museum
Hot Springs Well House
August 2006 Hot Springs Well House 2440 Old Penitentiary Road, Boise, ID
McFarland House
October 2006 McFarland House 1625 S. Black Cat Rd, Meridian, ID
Villeneuve House
New York Canal Callopy Gates
February 2007 New York Canal Callopy Gates, near Columbia Road and Greenhurst Road, Kuna
Schick-Ostolasa Farmstead
April 2007 Schick-Ostolasa Farmstead 5006 W. Farm Court Hidden Springs


  • The award was originally granted monthly but was changed to even-numbered months in 2006, then to quarterly in 2007.
  • Site numbers refer to identifiers used for the Council’s 1998-2000 surveys of historic sites unless otherwise specified.