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About the Council

The Ada County Historic Preservation Council was established on August 25, 1988 (Ordinance 192, currently codified under Section 8-7D of the Ada County Code). The Council is charged by the Board of Ada County Commissioners with Preserving Ada County’s Heritage, mainly by educating property owners and the general public of the economic and intrinsic value of preserving historic sites.

The Council is made up of a group of dedicated volunteers seeking to make a difference in the quality of life in and around Ada County. They serve in an advisory role to the Board of Ada County Commissioners and rely heavily on volunteer efforts and a small amount of support from Development Services staff.

The Council is a Certified Local Government under the National Historic Preservation Act. This makes us eligible for a limited amount of National Park Service grant funds every year. These grant funds are required to be matched with County and/or private funds.

The Council has authority to conduct a survey of local historic properties, cooperate with outside agencies toward historic preservation objectives, make recommendations and participate in local planning processes, and promote awareness of the importance of historic preservation through education and outreach.

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Current Officers

Ted Vanegas, Chairman

Judge Michael Oths, Vice-Chairman

Sarah Schafer, Secretary

Purpose Statement

  •  To preserve significant historic structures and sites within unincorporated Ada County by identifying and documenting those structures and sites;
  • To adopt ordinances that will require the Council to review all development applications that might impact an identified historic site or structure;
  • To engender a sense of stewardship throughout Ada County for these historic sites;
    To educate the public on the importance of preserving historic structures and sites through seminars and interactive and/or outreach programs; and
  • To be advocates for responsible historic preservation.

Staff Support

Part-time staff support by Ada County Development Services