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At Ada County Elections, we want you to feel prepared before you show up to vote. Use the tools below to find out what will be on the ballot and potential elections for the upcoming year.

Please be aware that this tool may not work correctly in Internet Explorer. Please use the Edge, Chrome or Firefox browsers to correctly use the “View Your Ballot” tool.

When you use the “View Your Ballot” tool, you must enter your address to see a customized ballot for the upcoming election. In order for the tool to work, you must be using Edge, Chrome or Firefox as your browser. Please note, customized ballots are only created when an election is upcoming. If you know your voting precinct, you may also navigate directly to your ballot using the “View Ballots” tab on the far right.

Upcoming Elections

If you want to know what could be on the upcoming ballot, we suggest visiting the two calendars below. Please keep in mind, school districts may file a ballot question for any of the four already scheduled Election Days each year.