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Poll Worker Application

  • Becoming a Poll Worker - What's Expected.

    Thank you for your interest in becoming an Ada County poll worker! Poll workers perform a vital role in preserving the democratic process by assisting with a number of different tasks on Election Day. Tasks may include: issuing ballots, verifying names and addresses, registering voters, distributing "I voted" stickers, and serving the general public. Additional information about becoming a poll worker is listed below:
    • Poll workers are required to be citizens of the United States and also registered voters in the State of Idaho.
    • Election Day is a 14-hour work day and can sometimes last longer depending on the election. All poll workers are asked to arrive at 7:00 a.m. and remain at the polling place until the ballots are completely counted around 9:00 p.m.
    • Poll workers are not allowed to leave the polling place for any reason on Election Day. We encourage our poll workers to bring any of their necessary personal items, such as medications, sweaters, snacks, etc.
    • We do not provide meals for any of our poll workers, so please remember to bring enough food to last the entire day.
    • Elections are very important and even a small error can have significant consequences in the election process. We ask all poll workers to pay extra special attention to detail in the work that they do on Election Day.
    • Election Day will most likely be busy, especially at peak times. Polling places may experience long lines of individuals waiting their turn to vote. This can sometimes cause an increased stress level for our poll workers who will then be dealing with slightly agitated voters.
    • Poll workers are required to provide their own transportation to and from the polls on Election Day.
    • Poll workers must be able to help set up items such as tables and chairs in order to prepare the voting area.
    • Finally, we encourage each of our poll workers to request an absentee ballot to vote. Poll workers will not be allowed to leave their polling place to vote at another location on Election Day.
    Thank you again for your interest in serving. Working at the polls is a very rewarding experience and Ada County Elections looks forward to partnering with you in serving our community!