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Finding My Polling Place

Click the map icon to access the street mapper application and find your specific voting location.
We will update the Polling Place application 5 weeks before Election day.

Please contact our office at (208)287-6860 for more information about polling places.
To Place a Relay Call
Dial 7-1-1 OR
TTY: 1-800-377-3529

DISCLAIMER: The polling place locator is provided as a resource to assist voters.
Ada County is not responsible for any potential inaccuracies that may exist in the directions service provided by 3rd party mapping applications.

Polling Place

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Current Polling Places

  Precinct  Name Address City
1401 Star EMS Building 8826 W State Street Star
1402 Eagle Christian Church 100 Short Lane Eagle
1403 Eagle United Methodist Church 651 N Eagle Road Eagle
1404 Life Spring Church 174 N Star Road Star
1405 Star Library 10706 W State Street Star
1406 Eagle High School 574 N Park Lane Eagle
1407 Eagle Seventh Day Adventist Church 538 W State St Eagle
1408 Eagle Middle School 1000 Floating Feather Rd Eagle
1409 Seven Oaks Elementary School 1441 N Sevenoaks Way Eagle
1410 Eagle Public Library 100 N Stierman Way Eagle
1411 Eagle City Hall 660 E Civic Lane Eagle
1412 Star Fire Protection District 10831 W. State Street Star
1413 Willow Creek Elementary School 6195 N Long Lake Way Meridian
1414 Rocky Mountain High School 5450 N Linder Road Meridian
1415 Banbury Golf Course 2626 N Marypost Way Eagle
1416 Eagle Fire Station # 1 966 E Iron Eagle Drive Eagle
1417 Meridian Seventh Day Adventist Church 1855 N Black Cat Road Meridian
1418 Ponderosa Elementary School 2950 N Naomi Avenue Meridian
1419 Legacy Life Church (formerly Meridian Assembly of God Church) 1830 N Linder Road Meridian
1420 Hunter Elementary School 2051 W. McMillan Rd Meridian
1421 Paramount Elementary School 550 W. Producer Dr Meridian
1501 Lowell Scott Middle School 13600 W McMillan Rd Boise
1502 Joplin Elementary School 12081 W De Meyer Street Boise
1503 Covenant Presbyterian Church 4848 N Five Mile Road Boise
1504 Centennial High School 12400 W. McMillan Rd Boise
1505 McMillan Elementary (formerly Gateway School of Language and Culture) 10901 W McMillan Road Boise
1506 Covenant Presbyterian Church 4848 N Five Mile Road Boise
1507 Frontier Elementary School 11851 W Musket Drive Boise
1508 Summerwind Elementary School 3675 N Jullion Way Boise
1509 Ustick Elementary School 12435 W Ustick Road Boise
1510 City Hope Church 8650 W Fairview Boise
1511 King of Glory Lutheran Church 3430 N Maple Grove Rd Boise
1512 Lewis & Clark Middle School 4141 E Pine Avenue Meridian
1513 Horizon Elementary School 730 N Mitchell Street Boise
1514 Spalding Elementary School 12311 W Braddock Drive Boise
1515 Boise Police Department 333 N Mark Stall Pl Boise
1516 Tree City Church 3853 N Eagle Rd Boise
1601 Foothills Christian Church 9655 W State Street Garden City
1602 Collister Community Church 4709 W State Street Boise
1603 Cynthia Mann Elementary School 5401 W Castle Drive Boise
1604 Collister School Gymnasium 4426 W Catalpa Drive Boise
1605 Taft Elementary School 3722 W Anderson Street Boise
1606 Idaho Department of Transportation 3311 W State Street Boise
1607 Boise Bible College 8695 W Marigold Street Garden City
1608 Ada County Highway District 3775 Adams St. Garden City
1609 Capital High School 8055 Goddard Rd Boise
1610 Hillview United Methodist Church 8525 W Ustick Rd Boise
1611 Mountain View Elementary School 3500 N Cabarton Lane Boise
1612 Morley Nelson Elementary School 7701 W Northview Street Boise
1613 Leisure Villa 3003 N Overlook Road Boise
1614 St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church 2206 N Cole Road Boise
1615 Koelsch Elementary School 2015 N Curtis Road Boise
1701 Ada County Elections Office 400 N Benjamin Lane Boise
1702 Calvary Baptist Church 911 S Cole Road Boise
1703 Odd Fellows Building 600 N Curtis Road Boise
1704 Discovery Church 1177 N Roosevelt Street Boise
1705 Wright Community Congregational Church 4821 W. Franklin St Boise
1706 Red Rock Christian Church 1124 S Roosevelt Street Boise
1707 All Saints Episcopal Church 704 S Latah Street Boise
1708 Jefferson Elementary School 200 S Latah Street Boise
1709 South Junior High School 3101 W Cassia Street Boise
1710 Boise State Student Union Special Events Center 1910 W University Drive Boise
1711 Boise State Alumni and Friends Center 1173 W University Drive Boise
1712 Grace Jordan Elementary School 6411 W Fairfield Street Boise
1713 Hillcrest Elementary School 2045 S Pond Street Boise
1714 Whitney United Methodist Church 3315 W. Overland Road Boise
1715 Whitney Elementary School 1609 S Owyhee Street Boise
1801 New Hope Nazarene Church 8585 W Overland Road Boise
1802 New Hope Nazarene Church 8585 W Overland Road Boise
1803 Boise School District Service Center 8169 W Victory Rd Boise
1804 Les Boise Junior High School 4150 E. Grand Forest Dr Boise
1805 Brookdale Assisted Living 739 E Parkcenter Blvd Boise
1806 The Library at Bown Crossing 2153 E. Riverwalk Dr Boise
1807 Hawthorne Elementary School 2401 W Targee Street Boise
1808 Bridgepoint Baptist Church 2530 S Broadway Ave Boise
1809 Engage Boise Church 270 E Pennsylvania Street Boise
1810 Our Lady of the Rosary 1500 E Wright Street Boise
1811 Liberty Elementary School 1740 E Bergeson Street Boise
1812 Bridgepoint Baptist Church 2530 S Broadway Ave Boise
1813 White Pine Elementary School 401 E Linden Street Boise
1814 Timberline High School 701 E Boise Ave Boise
1815 Trailwind Elementary School 3701 E Lake Forest Drive Boise
1816 Eastwind Community Church 4750 S Surprise Way Boise
1817 Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation 5657 E Warm Springs Ave Boise
1901 Hidden Springs Community Clubhouse 5525 W Hidden Springs Drive Boise
1902 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 3229 N Bogus Basin Road Boise
1903 Rolling Hills Public Charter School 8900 N Horseshoe Bend Road Boise
1904 Shadow Hills Elementary School 8301 W Sloan Street Boise
1905 Riverglen Junior High School 6801 N Gary Lane Boise
1906 Pierce Park Baptist Church 5350 N Pierce Park Lane Boise
1907 Pierce Park Baptist Church 5350 N Pierce Park Lane Boise
1908 Hillside Junior High School 3536 W Hill Road Boise
1909 Hill City Church (formerly the Pursuit Church) 2590 N Bogus Basin Road Boise
1910 Longfellow Gymnasium 1511 N 9th Street Boise
1911 Lowell Elementary School 1507 N 28th Street Boise
1912 Old Ridenbaugh Fire Station 1666 W. Ridenbaugh Street Boise
1913 Madison Early Childhood Center 2215 W Madison Ave Boise
1914 Cathedral of the Rockies 717 N 11th Street Boise
1915 Big Brothers Big Sisters of SW Idaho 110 N 27th St Boise
1916 Boise State Venture College 301 S. Capitol Blvd Boise
1917 Roosevelt Elementary School 908 E Jefferson Street Boise
1918 Boise Senior Center 690 N Robbins Road Boise Boise
1919 Adams Elementary School 1725 E Warm Springs Ave Boise
1920 East Junior High School 5600 E Warm Springs Ave Boise
2001 Heritage Middle School 4990 N Meridian Road Meridian
2002 Ustick Baptist Church 14301 W McMillan Road Boise
2003 Christ Lutheran Church and Preschool 1406 W. Cherry Lane Meridian
2004 Sawtooth Middle School 3730 N Linder Road Meridian
2005 Prospect Elementary School 4300 N Red Horse Way Meridian
2006 Ustick Baptist Church 14301 W McMillan Road Boise
2007 Barbara Morgan STEM Academy 1825 W Chateau Drive Meridian
2008 Parkview Christian Church 201 W. Ustick Rd Meridian
2009 Chief Joseph Elementary School 1100 E Chateau Drive Meridian
2010 River Valley Elementary School 2900 E River Valley Street Meridian
2011 Cloverdale Seventh-day Adventist Church 1115 N Cloverdale Road Boise
2012 Meridian Elementary School 1035 NW 1st Street Meridian
2013 Cloverdale Seventh-day Adventist Church 1115 N Cloverdale Road Boise
2014 Central Academy 6075 N Locust Grove Road Meridian
2015 Meridian Library 1326 W. Cherry Lane Meridian
2101 Treasure Valley Baptist Church 1300 S. Teare Ave Meridian
2102 Mountain View High School 2000 S Millennium Way Meridian
2103 Apostolic Bible Church 3575 E Copper Point Dr Meridian
2104 Pepper Ridge Elementary School 2252 S Sumpter Way Boise
2105 Boise Fire Station #14 2515 S Five Mile Road Boise
2106 Siena Elementary School 2870 E Rome Drive Meridian
2107 Cloverdale Church of God 3755 S Cloverdale Road Boise
2108 Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church 3100 S Five Mile Road Boise
2109 Boise School District Service Center 8169 W Victory Road Boise
2110 Mary McPherson Elementary School 1050 E Amity Road Meridian
2111 Lake Hazel Middle School 11625 W La Grange Street Boise
2112 Lake Hazel Elementary School 11711 W Lake Hazel Road Boise
2113 Lake Hazel Library 10489 Lake Hazel Road Boise
2114 Silver Sage Elementary School 7700 Snohomish Street Boise
2115 Christine Donnell School of Arts 7075 S Five Mile Road Boise
2116 Desert Sage Elementary School 9325 W Mossywood Drive Boise
2117 The King’s Congregation 1150 E. Pienza St Meridian
2201 Chaparral Elementary School 1155 N Deer Creek Lane Meridian
2202 Central Valley Baptist Church 600 N Ten Mile Road Meridian
2203 Meridian Middle School 1507 NW 8th Street Meridian
2204 Peregrine Elementary School 1860 W Waltman Street Meridian
2205 Valley Shepherd Church of the Nazarene 150 W Maestra Street Meridian
2206 Valley Shepherd Church of the Nazarene 150 W Maestra Street Meridian
2207 Crimson Point Elementary School 1941 N Shayla Ave Kuna
2208 Reed Elementary School 1670 N Linder Road Kuna
2209 Kuna Middle School 1360 W Boise Street Kuna
2210 Kuna Rural Fire District Station #1 150 W Boise Street Kuna
2211 Kuna Library 457 N Locust Ave Kuna
2212 Kuna Seventh-Day Adventist Church 820 N Linder Road Kuna
2213 Melba High School 6870 Stokes Road Melba
2214 Ten Mile Community Church 4440 E. Columbia Road Meridian