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Phase 3: Stakeholders Review and Comments

Within this phase, Development Services will build a strong consensus on the proposal to be presented to the Planning and Zoning Commission and Board of County Commissioners. In order to do so, this phase will involve the following tasks.

  • Form two or three Design/Professional Groups to assist staff in preparing specific chapters of the draft zoning ordinance;
  • Conduct a total of five meetings to review various aspects related to the proposal with each of the Design/Professional Groups;
  • Establish a Zoning Ordinance Advisory Committee that has representation from development community, large land-owners, special interest groups, other agency planners, planning and zoning commission, etc. to review and provide comments on the entire draft zoning ordinance;
  • Conduct a total of three public meetings with the Zoning Ordinance Advisory Committee to review (overall proposal for) the draft zoning ordinance;
  • Continue to update the web-page on Ada County‚Äôs website to disseminate information regarding draft documents and upcoming meetings for this project;
  • Hold a workshop with Ada County Planning and Zoning Commission to review particular aspects of the proposal and receive their comments; and
  • Revise proposal to prepare the public hearing draft of the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance Amendment.