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Phase 1: Define Scope of Work

Within this phase, the project team will work with the Development Services Director, Planning and Zoning Commission, and Board of County Commissioners to define a clear scope of work for this project. The following tasks will define a precise path for this work effort to be undertaken to execute this project

  • Draft a project charter and companion documents necessary for this project and phase;
  • Meet with Development Services Director to discuss draft project charter and determine personnel available for the project team, time frames for draft documents, various aspects of community outreach, and overall scope of work for this update;
  • Conduct a Scoping Session with Planning and Zoning Commission to receive their comments on this project charter and its scope of work;
  • Present this project charter and its scope of work to Board of County Commissioners and receive their comments;
  • Revise this draft project charter to accommodate the aforementioned comments and finalize it; and
  • Create a web-page on Ada County’s website to disseminate information for this project, starting with finalized project charter and its companion documents.