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Zoning Ordinance FAQs

Who can submit comments, revisions or thought about the code revisions?

This process is open to the public. Anyone can submit a comment or testify before the Planning and Zoning Commission or the Board of Ada County Commissioners.

What if I have a suggested change that is not clarification or minor revision?

Ada County would love to hear your suggestions for future revisions to the Ada County Code. We do anticipate a more comprehensive review of the code starting in the next year or so.

What if I have a use that was approved under the current code (or older code) and the requirements are changing in the proposed code?

When a use was approved there were certain conditions that were identified. Those conditions and the rules of the code at the time when the use was approved are applicable.

Is the zoning map changing or will my zoning designation change?

There are no changes to the official Zoning Map of Ada County. All of the proposed changes are in the text and do not impact the map.

How does the Draft Code get approved?

The first step in the approval process is for the Planning and Zoning Commission to review the code changes, in a public meeting, and to forward a recommendation to the Ada County Board of County Commissioners. The Board will also review the changes in a public meeting and take testimony on the changes. Once they are comfortable with the changes, they will approve them in an ordinance, which will become effective on the date it is published.

Why does the process to review and approve the code changes take so long?

There are several reasons for this: 1) Idaho State Code requires a certain procedure for noticing public hearings, 2) Ada County has written agreements with the cities in the county to allow them 45 days to review changes we make to the code, 3) most importantly, we want to make sure the public has adequate opportunity to review the changes and offer input on the revisions.

Will the code changes comply with the Comprehensive Plan?

Yes! The Ada County Comprehensive Plan includes goals, policies, and objectives that act as the guiding document for the Zoning Code.