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Subdivision Names


Procedure for reserving a subdivision or condominium name in Ada County:

  • Check the above list of reserved and recorded subdivision or condominium names. CHOOSE A NEW, UNIQUE NAME, NOT ON THE LIST. (See tips below). Names will be reserved based on Idaho State Code requirements. Duplications are not allowed.
  • Make sure that you choose a sub name that is unique, not similar, and does not sound like any others on the list. For example, do not use the name “Eagle” in any form, for it has already been used many times.
  • It must be a real word, name or place and not a made up word. Initials are not allowed for they have all been used.
    A subdivision name reservation is geographically attached to a specific project, i.e. the section, township, and range location, and can include additional information pertaining to lots and blocks of an existing subdivision, address, physical location, etc. This way we can tell when the requests are for the same piece of property.
  • Each subdivision name must be associated with a surveying firm, i.e. the one that is stamping the plat.
    (Note, only land surveyors can prepare and stamp a subdivision or condominium plat.)
  • All this information is put into the database and can be reserved as long as the project is active.
  • To request a subdivision or condominium name, send an e-mail to:
    Make sure to include;
  • The project location (Township / Range / Section & Quarter) along with the current parcel numbers of all of the parcels that will be included in the plat;
  • The name and contact information for the survey firm doing the work and the name of the Land Surveyor in charge of the plat;
  • The name of the owner/developer

Official reservation responses will be by e-mail for record keeping purposes. Approved names are added to the database.
The usual turnaround time can be as much as 1 to 2 work days depending on the number of requests and schedule


When looking at a subdivision or condominium name, look at the “MAJOR” name, which is usually the first name, as being the requested subdivision or condominium name. Most of the names that follow the major name are “Descriptors” names, such as City, Place, Court, Addition, Acres, Meadows, Estates, Heights, or similar words etc.

When you request the name “Smith Acres”, you say it is different from “Smith Estates” or “Smith Place”, but it is not different for naming purposes. The major subdivision name is “Smith” and if it is duplicated anywhere in the list, then it is already used and cannot be duplicated. So choose a new and unique name that is not found on the list.

There are many sources to look for possible subdivision or condominium names. Some are listed below:

  • Dictionary – contains 600,000 plus words.
  • Alphabetical List of Post Offices – Section 5, put out by U.S. Postal Service, lists all cities in the United States.
  • Phone books.
  • Atlas and roadmaps.
  • Names of local people connected or neighboring the property.
  • Names of local natural features, streams, mountains, landmarks.
  • Bird books.
  • Flower books.
  • Animal books.
  • Names of subdivisions in other states.
  • The Internet.
  • Subdivision Names that have been approved for use prior to 2002, but have never completed the process or have never been recorded.

Reference Idaho Code:
Plats of towns, subdivisions or additions must not bear the name of any other town or addition in the same county, nor can the same word or words similar or pronounced the same, be used in making a name for said town or addition, except the words city, place, court, addition or similar words, unless the same is contiguous and laid out and platted by the same party or parties platting the addition bearing the same name, or a party files and records the written consent of the party or parties who platted the addition bearing the same name. All plats of the same name must continue the block numbers of the plat previously filed.