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Legal notice is hereby given that the Board of Ada County Commissioners will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, August 21, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. in the Commissioners Main Hearing Room #1235, on the first floor, 200 W. Front Street, Boise, ID, to hear a request for:

201600465-CU-TE, B&B HOLDINGS; A board time extension application requesting an additional two (2) years to complete the Project. This is the second time extension request. The property is located at 20620 S Pleasant Valley Rd and contains 80 acres. Section 21, 1N 2E. Diana Sanders, 208-287-7905.


201801236-V, BRUCE HARDING; A variance to grant relief from a development standard to allow for an accessory structure in the front yard to exceed 1,500 square feet. The property is located at 1500 N Cow Horse Dr and contains 4.41 acres. Section 21, 2N 1E. Brent Danielson, 208-287-7913.


201900622-ZOA-MSP-CU-AC, ERIC KYLE; A zoning ordinance text amendment to add “Automotive, Hobby” to the list of permitted uses in the Industrial Base Districts (Table 8-2D-1) and the addition of a new end note for Table 8-2D-1: *In instances of existing residential uses in Industrial districts, “dwelling, caretaker for an approved use” may include “dwelling, secondary attached” or “dwelling, secondary detached”.  A conditional use and master site plan application for a contractor’s yard and shop for a landscape business along with a self-service storage facility.  Also, an accessory use application for a caretaker’s dwelling. The property is located at 6273 W Gowen Rd and contains 1.36 acres. Section 30, 3N 2E. Brent Danielson, 208-287-7913.


201901300-VAC, RINGO SHELLEY; Vacation application requesting approval to relocate the building pad site identified on the recorded plat for Currant Creek Subdivision for Lot 2/Block 1.  The actual pad site was constructed partially outside the recorded pad site. The property is located at 13826 N Currant Creek Ln and contains 10.04 acres. Section 32, 5N 2E. Diana Sanders, 208-287-7905.


Staff Reports Available On-Line 5 Days before Hearing Date –

Auxiliary aids or services for persons with disabilities are available upon request.  Please call 287-7900 or 287-7979 (TDD) by 5:00 p.m. three days prior to this public hearing so that arrangements can be made.