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Memorial For The Forgotten

Remembering The Forgotten Ceremony

Remember The Forgotten Names
Remember The Forgotten Names

The Ada County Coroner’s Office will occasionally investigate a case resulting in an unclaimed decedent. These decedents are individuals who either had no legal next of kin or were abandoned in death by their family. Many offices follow the practice of storing the remains in a closet or storage area. Coroner Owens felt this practice was not dignified and strove to find a better solution.

In order to ensure these remains receive a proper resting place, the Ada County Coroner’s Office partnered with the Cloverdale Funeral Home. In 2016, Cloverdale Funeral Home graciously donated a crypt to store the unclaimed remains until such a time loved ones can be located and/or someone will come forward who will take responsibility for them.

All remains are interred in the crypt prior to a full service. Past services have included honor guards, bagpipes and the reading of the names of the individuals. At this time, there are 76 total cremated remains interred into the crypt. At the Ada County Coroner’s Office, each case has an assigned case number and proper files are kept in case someone does come forward to claim their loved one. In the meantime, Ada County remains will rest at the mausoleum at Terrace Lawn Memorial Gardens Cemetery thanks to Cloverdale Funeral Home.

Names of the forgotten
Albert Branch Anthony J. Avila Barbra Schmitz Bobby J. Kennedy Brandy Leonard Bruce Parlin Carlos Bocanegra Charles R. Moore
Charles Sharski Dann Geiger Darrell R. Tucker Darren C. Glover David Connell Jr. Deborah Gail Arbuckle Delores Sharp-Nelson Donald E. Trogden
Fredrick Raines Fredrick W. Gehrig Gary L. Leytham Gayle Gannon Gerhard R. Schroeder Gloriana Ward Harlow Dunlap Henry Earl Busang
Hershel Dow Jack Folsom Jackie D. Stephens Jeremy R. Schell Jesus D. (Jimmy) Flores JoAnn S. Hawks Jodine Morna MacArthur John Barth
John Davis John Durick John F. Stemen Jose Garcia Joseph C. Boudreau Joseph T. Johnston June Barrieau Junior R. Hines
Katia G. Stoyanova Kirstin Ann Knieling Larry Newman Leaha Lyons Leroy Bloodshaw Jr. Loretta Cox Lynn Collins Mark Stoneking
Mark Wing Melva Spencer Michael L. Michaelson Michael Lee Ree Michael Steplekoski Montgomery L. Scott Patrick A. Fickle Paul L. Harrison
Quade L. Flint-Higgins Raynel Manske Richard Dawson Richard Eiler Richard Kelly Richard Yeoman Robert Charles Porter, Jr. Robert Michael Dean
Ruth Wolford Scott Gorby Sharon Dickey Susan Brendal Terrance McCann Thomas B. Rogatz Thomas R. Brister Timothy Gray
Udo H. Jung Ula F. Mapusaga Verlon Winstead William G. Bretton Adele Plantier