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Coroner’s News Releases

Ada County Coroner’s Office Handles Autopsies from 33 Idaho Counties, 3 Reservations

“The coroner’s office provides death certificates, takes care of investigations for suspicious deaths and settles the hows and whys of the final moments in life. But the office’s reach is a lot further than many might expect.” See full article

Ada County Eyeing Possible Jail, Coroner’s Office Expansions

“Since 2011, Owens’ office has seen its caseload increase by more than 75% — from 325 bodies in 2011 to 575 in 2018.” See full article KIVI photo of full Ada County Coroner’s Office cooler. Photo credit: KIVI Boise.

Ada County Coroner’s Office Impacted by Increasing Suicide Rates

“Idaho is consistently among the states with the highest suicide rates in the country, and the Ada County Coroner’s Office says suicide rates in the Treasure Valley are on the rise.” See full article Coroner Dotti Owens meeting with reporter Karen Lehr. Photo credit: KIVI Boise.  

Ada County Coroner’s Office Running Out of Space

“It’s not something that the staff at the Ada County Coroner’s Office wants to do, or even talk about. But if they run out of space, there really isn’t an option other than “stacking bodies.” “Stacking,” however, doesn’t mean the staff is piling bodies on top of each other. It means they might have to put two