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Community Events

The Ada County Coroner’s Office strives to be an educational presence in the community. Not only does the office provide classes to local schools and science camps, but also participates in community events. With the rising interest in medical careers, many high schools request the Ada County Coroner’s Office staff to present and discuss forensics, investigations and pathology. Presentations include a firsthand perspective of these fields and related career paths.

The office also has longstanding partnerships with local universities, supplementing the criminal justice curriculum with an engaging view of forensics and fieldwork. Over time, this relationship led to the development of a mutually beneficial internship program.

The Ada County Coroner’s Office regularly is afforded the opportunity to present a variety of classes to multiple groups in addition to providing tours of the office itself. Please see below for a sample of presentations we have offered in the past.

Examples of Past Presentations:  “The Role and Responsibility of the Coroner’s Office,”  “Suicide Awareness,” “Driving Under the Influence (MADD),” “Forensic Investigation,” “Opioid Addiction.”**

Examples of Organizations Requesting Presentations:  Law enforcement agencies, Trauma Intervention Program (TIP), Girl Scouts, high schools within Ada County, Boise State University, Boise After Hours, etc.

Examples of Organizations Supported by the Office:  Ada County Emergency Management, Suicide Prevention Strategic Planning, Child Fatality Review Board, Kids Count 2, Camp Erin, TIP, Opioid Abuse Prevention Team, Meridian Antidrug Coalition, MADD, IACC, NaCO, Healthcare Coalition, IAC.

**Subjects covered are dependent on course material and what has been requested. Additional subjects available.