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Tonia Fleming

Office Manager Executive Assistant

Cassandra Henderson

Admin Specialist to Pathology

Jillian Butticci

Admin Specialist to Pathology


Roxanna Dempsay

Business Analyst


Tessa Ortman

Administrative Specialist


Ginger Piersol

Administrative Specialist

The Ada County Coroner’s Office currently employs a total of six (6) Administrative Support staff members composed of:  one (1) Office Manager, two (2) Administrative Specialists, two (2) Administrative Specialists to Pathology and one (1) Business Analyst.  These positions perform administrative support duties for the Coroner, Chief Deputy Coroner, Forensics Division and Investigations Division, and are vital to the overall functionality of the office.

Administrative Support staff serve as the framework of the office ensuring the efficiency of daily operations as well as taking on the responsibility of troubleshooting the numerous unique situations presented to the Ada County Coroner’s office by private law firms, government agencies, public citizens, etc. in regards to the cases this office conducts.  Managing these responsibilities and situations requires Administrative Support staff to maintain a balance of objectivity and empathy while also possessing a deep understanding of medicolegal practices.