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Important Information About COVID-19

The Idaho Supreme Court has issued an order reducing certain court functions. The Board of Commissioners has reviewed the order and made the following decisions about county business operations at the Ada County Courthouse complex.

Non-Court Functions:

The Ada County Courthouse is a multi-purpose building.  In order to work in concert with the 4th Judicial District, the Board of Commissioners voted to direct Ada County staff to conduct business as usual, with the exception that we will not be allowing the general public into the Courthouse building (or on the campus) until further notice.  You are asked to utilize phone, email or internet services to conduct business.

Court Functions:

Access to the Ada County Courthouse is restricted, consistent with the Idaho Supreme Court’s April 22, 2020 order.

Criminal jury trials will not take place until August 3, 2020.  Civil jury trials will not take place until October 5, 2020.

Most court hearings will continue to be conducted remotely, by computer, smart-phone, or telephone (if approved by the judge).

For those people coming to the courthouse for the limited in-person hearings, you will need to wear a face-covering and be screened prior to entry.

Thank you for your cooperation as we work with public health officials and the State of Idaho


Thank you for wearing mask at Ada County

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Ada County offices and departments are working each day to keep our communities well-informed with important information related to COVID-19. Reduced and restricted movements to minimize the spread of the disease will continue to affect our ability to provide you with various services you have come to count on. The list below may change or grow to include more county services or county facilities in the coming days. Thank you for sharing this information with individuals, friends or relatives who may be directly affected.

COURT FUNCTIONS – Information on court functions including how to reset your hearings, court assistance, and civil filings. – Court Functions

ASSESSOR’S OFFICEDMV – The Ada County Assessor’s office, including all Motor Vehicle offices, will be opening to the public on May 18, 2020, at 8:00 am.  Our hours will be from 8:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday. We will have social distancing practices in place and will limit the number of citizens allowed into the office to one customer per transaction per available clerk. Customers are encouraged to wear face coverings and will be required to observe the 6-foot social distance. – Ada County Assessor’s

SHERIFF’S OFFICEDriver’s License Office – By Appointment Only 208 577-3100  – Ada County Sheriff’s Drivers Licenses

PROSECUTOR’S OFFICE – The office will remain closed to the public, except as to scheduled appointments with victims and witnesses in preparation of criminal court matters. Face coverings will be required and social distancing guidelines followed. – Ada County Prosecutors

FACES – Information regarding the Faces of Hope Victim Center and be found on their Website. –  Faces of Hope Victim Center

TREASURER’S OFFICE – Taking property tax payments at a trailer stationed outside the Ada County Courthouse – Ada County Treasurer’s

PARAMEDICS OFFICE – Currently all 911 ambulance services are running normally, however, our business offices are closed. If you have a business or billing question please visit Ada County Paramedics

ELECTION OFFICE -Closed to the public.  Call 208 287-6860 to make an appointment. Voters must return ballots by June 2, to vote in the May Primary.  The deadline to request a ballot has passed. – Ada County Election’s

INDIGENT SERVICES – Closed to the public.  Please visit – Ada County Indigent Services

CLERKS OFFICEMarriage Licenses – Marriage Licenses are available by appointment. For more information and to fill out the online application please visit Ada County Clerk’s

EXPO IDAHO  – All EXPO events have been canceled through June 12, 2020. Please visit Expo Idaho

PARKS & WATERWAYS – All functions at the Barber Park Education & Event Center have been canceled through June 26th. Public access for showings of the facility may be made by appointment via email. – Ada County Parks & Waterways

DEVELOPMENT SERVICES – Development Services continues to conduct business electronically where possible. This includes taking in applications, plats, and building permits. Starting on May 19, we will be scheduling appointments for the public to meet with staff in person for the business that cannot be conducted remotely, such as submitting sureties or final plat pickup. To inquire about scheduling an appointment, please call 208-287-7900. Public hearings continue to be held via video conferencing. For more information please visit Ada County Development Services Ada County Development Services

ADA COUNTY LANDFILL -The landfill is operating regular hours, but is only accepting credit cards at this time – Ada County Landfill

CORONER’S OFFICE – The Ada County Coroner’s Office is open regular business hours and all divisions are functioning as usual. However, the community outreach and educational program services (including tours) have been temporarily suspended. While the office remains open to the public for essential services, if you feel ill, please reach out by phone, 208-287-5556, rather than in-person. An on-call investigator is available 24/7, if you are unable to call during standard hours. – Ada County Coroner’s

ADA COUNTY WEED PEST & MOSQUITO ABATEMENT – All noxious weed control and pest abatement services continued to be offered. However, the office is closed to all public access until further notice –Ada County Weed, Pest and Mosquito Abatement

ADA COUNTY JUVENILE COURT –  All Juvenile buildings are closed to the public.  Please visit Ada County’s Juvenile’s website for more information.

PUBLIC DEFENDER  – The office will remain closed to the public, except for by appointment only clients who can call their attorney and set an appointment to meet as necessary. Face coverings will be required. –  Public Defender’s Office

Additional  Information

There have been many questions around coronavirus testing. Key facts about coronavirus testing at this time include:

  • If someone has a fever or cough, they should contact their medical provider to find out if they should be tested for coronavirus.
  • People without symptoms will not be tested at this time.
    After ruling out the flu through a rapid flu test, a provider may take a sample from a patient and send it to a lab where the actual coronavirus testing occurs. Most providers can use a simple swab to collect a sample.
  • Idaho is fortunate to have a state-run lab that can process coronavirus tests, and the lab is keeping up on testing needs at this time. Privately-run labs also have begun testing for coronavirus.
  • Idaho is actively working to expand access to testing across the state.