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Coordinated Growth for Ada County

Coordinated Growth for Ada County

Growth within Ada County

Everyone in this region of Idaho is talking about growth these days. It is a topic of conversation at schools, churches, businesses, neighborhoods and gatherings of all kinds, and for good reason.

Ada County has grown 24% in the last ten years, from a population of 392,362 in 2010 to more than 487,000 in 2019 (Historic map with population). Unprecedented growth is changing the landscape of the county and affecting all aspects of life. Some changes are good, and some are disruptive and challenging.

People move to Ada County because of its quality of life. One half of Ada County is open space. Approximately 8000 acres of the county are recreational space. This makes Ada County a favored place for people to move, along with a safe environment to raise a family, and a variety of options regarding housing choices. While no one can stem the flow of families and individuals who move to our area we can make sure we manage growth in a cooperative, fiscally responsible, and effective way while preserving our quality of life.

Ada County Board of Commissioners

Diana Lachiondo – District 1

“Ada County attracts people who want to live and work in a safe and vibrant community. While we cannot stop growing, we believe we can grow in a fiscally responsible manner while protecting our agricultural heritage and our quality of life”

Rick Visser – District 2

“It is important that we give families, individuals and businesses the best information we have available about the cost of growth, what works and what doesn’t work. A well informed community allows us to serve our constituents best.”

Kendra Kenyon  – District 3 (Chair of the Board)

“We are committed to making smart decisions as we plan for what the area will look like twenty years from now. We must take a long term approach so our children will inherit a community as beautiful as it is now.”

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