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Sign Up for the Ada County E-Tax Program


May 1, 2018

Contact: Elizabeth Mahn
Chief Deputy Treasurer


Ada County E-Tax Program


The Ada County Treasurer now offers an E-Tax Program for property owners/managers of multiple parcels. The Ada County Treasurer’s Office is looking to transition tax billing and payments into the electronic world of the 21st Century.

This is a quick and easy process that could save you and Ada County time and money! Many property owners/managers think that separate checks need to be sent for each individual parcel. That is not the case and the E-Tax Program will help clear up any confusion with a one payment system for multiple parcels. This will also allow Ada County to better process tax bills and payments.

The Ada County Treasurer has mailed out notices to property owners/managers of multiple parcels inviting them to join the E-Tax program. We want to make sure that those who didn’t receive a letter but pay multiple parcels know they can contact the Treasurer’s Office by May 7, 2018 to join the program.  Before tax bills can be processed, you must notify the Treasurer’s Office of your participation so your multiple properties can be combined into a single billing envelope.



Contact our office by phone at 208-287-6800 or via email at [email protected] to get registered in E-TAX. We will email you a tax file to participate.



When the time comes to make a property tax payment, consider the following advantages of

  • E-TAX:
    • You can process multiple properties in a single transaction.
    • We can ensure the property payment is posted correctly to the parcel you want, the way you want.
    • It reduces costs for you and the County!



  • Step 1. Please confirm the attached list of parcels are under your tax payment responsibility, or if more parcels should be added or deleted, by responding to this email by May 7th. Please note: the total due in the amount column is not official and should not be used as such. We advise you to confirm with your official bill before sending payment.
  • Step 2. Send payment so that it is received in our office no later than June 20. Please be reminded that payments by credit card or E-Check must be initiated at least 48 hours before we receive it. If paid by check, please write E-Tax on the face of your envelope and check.

If you have questions, our team is prepared to assist you by phone at 208-287-6800 or via email at [email protected]

If you wish to pay your parcel’s taxes using an electronic payment of ACH or WIRE, please contact our office for banking instructions. (208-287-6800).