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Ada County Receives Recognition for Health Care Cost Control


May 10, 2018

Contact: Kate McGwire
Public Information Officer


Ada County Receives Recognition for Health Care Cost Control

(Boise, ID) – Gallagher Benefits Services recently awarded Ada County with a certificate of excellence for achieving Best in Class performance for Health Care Cost Control.

Gallagher Benefits Services is the fourth largest benefit broker in the U.S.. In 2017, Ada County ranked in the top 25 of more than 300 large employers for successfully containing health care premiums. Ada County has over 1700 employees.

Gallagher identified four distinguishing features that allowed large employers like Ada County to successfully manage spending and the quality of their health care plans. They determined that Best in Class employers:

  • Save more by spending less – Ada County evaluates and spends money where there is the greatest impact to employees.
  • Proactively plan using data – Ada County uses population data and trends to actively plan ahead versus reactively responding.
  • Emphasize consumerism and financial protection – Ada County promotes tools that help employees make health care decisions and support their financial health, such as Flexible Spending Accounts and short-term disability plans.
  • Prioritize production and productivity – Ada County’s philosophy states that compensation and benefits are an investment into our most valuable resources – our employees!

Ada County actively manages the employee benefits program to ensure the highest quality of health care coverage is offered for the lowest cost. Ada County Human Resources and the Ada County Health Care Trust monitor health care spending and make recommendations to the Board of Commissioners based on utilization and trends that will best benefit Ada County employees.

“Our employees are public servants who perform amazing work for the citizens of Ada County. As their employer we strive to offer them top rated health care benefits,” said Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Dave Case. “We’re honored that Gallagher recognized us for our dedication to making wellness a priority.”