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A Message from your Commissioners regarding Mixed Paper Recycling


February 14, 2018

Contact: Kate McGwire
Public Information Officer


A Message from your Commissioners

We, the Board of Ada County Commissioners, support a unified strategy and measured response in addressing recycle market restrictions.  We‘re committed to keeping service rates reasonable and our community clean and vibrant.  It’s important that the cities and counties of the Treasure Valley work together to develop a strategy mindful of environmental, financial and logistical concerns.  Responsible disposal of waste is critical to the health, safety and quality of life in this beautiful valley. 

The city of Boise is moving ahead with programs that it’s Council considers appropriate for the city population, but may not be immediately available or practical for implementation throughout the valley.  We are currently working with community partners to identify and implement a sustainable plan for meeting the challenges of waste disposal.  It is our goal to keep rates at a reasonable level with processes that are consistent, efficient and clearly defined.

Dave Case | District 3 | Chairman

Jim Tibbs | District 1

Rick Visser | District 2