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Solid Waste Ordinance

Ada County adopted a solid waste ordinance in 2005 to establish sanitary standards and a method of collection and disposal of waste for the promotion of individual and community health and the prevention of the outbreak and spread of dangerous, contagious, and infectious disease.  The ordinance was modified in 2009 to implement a ‘single-stream’ recycling program.

The ordinance requires all residences in Ada County to have weekly trash removal and obligates Ada County to ensure that service is provided for each household. Standard service includes one 95-gallon blue trash cart and one 95-gallon blue recycling cart with an orange lid for every household, with weekly trash and bi-weekly recycle service.  To view the County Ordinance in its entirety, please click on the link below:

Title 5, Chapter of the Ada County Code – Mandatory Residential Collection Services and Fees