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Residential Services

Waiver of Carryout Service Rate (ADA):

Customers who have qualified for temporary or permanent disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act may receive “carry-out service” at no additional charge.   Medical verification required – Standard Service Rates apply.

Please contact Hardin Sanitation at 208-642-2629 to enroll.

Standard residential service for customers residing  in unincorporated Ada County includes “unlimited pickup” of one 95 gallon trash cart for each household on a weekly basis. Please note residents may order a smaller 65 gallon trash cart if it better meets their individual needs.

Residential Set Out Instructions

  • Bag trash to prevent littering and set out carts by 7:00 am with lids closed on your scheduled delivery day
  • Place carts in the street aganist the curb
  • Place carts at least 3 feet away from other carts or objects
  • Place carts in area free of overhead trees, etc. (14 feet clearance)
  • Make sure cart handle faces your house
  • Place used motor oil in clear jugs and in view of drivers

Fill the provided trash cart(s) first, before using other containers. Dump grass and yard waste directly into the trash cart when possible to allow for drying.

Overflow Waste: If you have too much to fit in the provided trash cart, for safe and efficient disposal:

  • Set out extra waste in your own trash cans (20-32 gallons, 60 lbs or less)
  • If using trash bags for overflow waste, be sure they are heavy duty (1.5 ml or greater bags)
  • Lightweight bags (less than 1.5 ml), must be set inside a trash cart or 20-32 gallon can
  • Do not set out the trash in cardboard boxes
  • Branches may be set out in a securely tied bundle (4′ shorter, 60 lbs. or less)

Additional Carts: Extra 95 gallon carts are available upon request at a cost of approximately $1.86 per month (includes sales tax). Contact Ada County Billing Services at (208) 577-4710 for delivery. Trash and recycle carts improve neighborhood appearance, block rainwater, contain odors and prevent animal tampering.  The automated collection helps Hardin Sanitation increase productivity, safety, and efficiency, all of which will help stabilize long-term rates


Acceptable Materials Unacceptable Materials
Food Animal carcasses
Miscellaneous garbage Asbestos
Normal household waste materials Ashes (hot or cold)
Paper Batteries
Hazardous waste, liquids, paints, oils
Medical waste
White goods containg CFC’s (appliances)

Ada County launches the Orange Bag Recycling Program. Learn more here at: Hefty EnergyBag Program

Standard residential service for customers residing  in unincorporated Ada County includes “every other week pickup” of one 95 gallon recycling cart for each household on your regular service day. To preserve the values of the recycables, only place approved items in the recycling cart that are empty, clean and dry.

Orange bag starter kits are available upon request (*while supplies last) or you can purchase them at the local Albertsons stores. Be sure to include only the plastics designated for this program and place the securely closed orange bags in your recycle bin. 

Curbside Compositing is NOT currently offered.

Acceptable Materials Unacceptable Materials
#1 or #2 RIGID PLASTIC BOTTLES & JUGS – milk jugs, detergent jugs. Rigid plastic soda and fruit juice bottles are also accpeted in the recycle cart. NO LIGHTWEIGHT PLASTICS – lightweight water bottles cannot currently be recycled in either the single stream cart or Orange Bag. Please refer to the recycling stickers on the recycle cart lid for info on accepted plastics.
#3 – #7 Plastics (NO light weight “crinkly” water bottles) – may be recycled in the Orange Dow Hefty® Energy Bag® – securely tied and placed in the recyle cart. See the Orange Dow Hefty® EnergyBag® recycling guidelines on the recycle cart lid and only bag
TIN & ALUMINUM CANS – (labels & lids ok), empty aerosol cans, clean foil, wire hangars NO SHREDDED PAPER, NO CARTONS (waxy coated paper containers), NO tissues, paper towel or food contaminated paper
NEWSPAPERS, MAGAZINES – (including inserts) & MIXED PAPER – junk mail (cellophane windows ok), magazines, catalogs, cereal boxes, office paper, phone books, paper towel & toliet paper rolls, paper bags, computer and fax paper, construction paper etc. NO GLASS, NO STYROFOAM
CARDBOARD – flatten/fold to fit in cart & bundle overflow IMPORTANT REMINDERClean your recyclables and don’t contaminate the recycle stream. If non-recyclable material is placed in the bag or bin, it may cause the entire container’s contents to sent to the landfill!

For disposal of bulk items like furniture and appliances (more than 4’ long or 60 lbs.), please call Hardin Sanitation at (208) 345-1265 at least 24 hours in advance of your normal collection day to schedule collection. Additional charges may apply.

Fall leaf recycling in unincorporated Ada County runs for the first four full weeks in November. Please set out your leaves in customer supplied Kraft paper bags. Leaves will be collected on your normal collection day.

Christmas tree recycling is offered for the first two full weeks following Christmas.

  • Remove all lights and decorations from the tree
  • Cut the tree and branches into 4-ft pieces and place curbside on your regular service day
  • Timing on routes may be adjusted to accomodate, so make sure waste is set curbside by 7:00 am to avoid missed service

Hazardous Waste is not allowed in any Hardin Sanitation container or truck. Please take these items to the Ada County Landfill Hazardous Waste Drop Off location. Hidden Hollow Landfill, 10300 Seaman’s Gulch Rd. Boise, ID  83702.  Open Friday & Saturday from 8 am – 6 pm.  Questions – Call the Ada County Landfill at 208-577-4736.   For a complete list of mobile hazardous waste sites and their operating hours visit For information regarding disposal of explosives, ammunition, radioactive items & biomedical waste please call (208) 577-4736.