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Image of Hardin Sanitation's Hauler Truck

We’re pleased to introduce Hardin Sanitation as the trash and recycle hauler for properties located in unincorporated Ada County only.

To learn more about the company’s background please visit

 Hardin Sanitation’s Website


Who hauls your trash away is dependent on where your property is located. The City of Boise has put together this helpful interactive GIS map tool which allows you to search for your property address:

Ada County City Limits & Impact Area Map 

  • If your property does not fall within one of the legend’s colors your trash is serviced by Ada County Billing Services and Hardin Sanitation. You’re in the right place! Continue to explore our website to learn about your trash service.
  • If your property falls within one of the legend’s colors your trash is serviced by the City in which you reside. Please use the contact information provided below to learn about your trash service.

If your property is located in unincorprated Ada County, you can utilize the app below to:

  • Search your address to find your specific collection schedule
  • Never forget your collection day again by signing up for Reminders via push notification, text, phone call, email etc.
  • Signup for Service Alerts & be the first to know of collection delays
  • Search the Waste Wizard to find out where to dispose of materials.

*NOTE: If you search for your property’s address and it cannot be found through this app it could mean that the property is not serviced through Ada County Billing Services and Hardin Sanitation. 

Ada County Billing Services

Mailing Address:

PO Box 2780, Boise, ID 83701

Office Location:  

200 W. Front St., Suite #225, Boise, ID 83702 (Ada County Courthouse – 2nd Floor)

Billing Questions:

Call 208-577-4710 or E-mail

Service Questions: 

Call (208)-642-2629 or Visit Hardin Sanitation’s Website

Online Customer Portal

  • Check  account balance
  • View, save and print current and past bills
  • Sign up for E-Statements
  • Pay with a Debit or Credit card online – 2.4% convenience fee ($2 minimum) will apply
  • Pay with a Debit or Credit card over the phone at 1-855-953-2227 – a 2.4% convenience fee ($2 minimum) + $1.50 IVR fee will apply
  • Set up Automatic Recurring Payments with your Debit or Credit card – 2.4% convenience fee ($2 minimum) will apply

The above fee-based payment options apply only for customers who wish to use a Debit or Credit Card for payments.  No fees will be charged for other standard payment options (ie, payment with check by mail, over the counter check or cash payment, online bill pay through your bank, ACH quarterly auto draft).   For more information, please go to the menu at the left of this screen and click on “Payment Options”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my trash bill increase?

Standard residential service rates will remain the same through our fiscal year end, September 2020. One trash and one recycle cart is included in the service rate for each household. The monthly charge for extra carts will increase to $1.86 per month – up about $.12 a month.

Some commercial dumpster rates will change. You can review those changes here:   Service Rates Effective 10-1-2019

Will my service day change?

Some customers will see their service day change, as routes are established to maximize efficiency.

Will we receive new trash and recycle containers?

Yes! They will be brand new and smelling fresh. Hardin Sanitation will begin delivering new containers in mid-September. Republic Services will remove the old cans after September 30th.

Trash Cart

Recycling Cart

Will we still have unlimited pick-up? And can I still use trash bags for intermittent overflow?

Yes & Yes. Please set out overflow trash, next to your cart using securely tied heavy-duty trash bags (or your own 20-35 gallon cans). When setting out waste in bags or extra cans, please be considerate of the health and safety of your route driver. Overflow trash must e free of all sharp or otherwise hazardous material and weigh less than 60 lbs.

Do you offer a Senior Rate for customers over 65?

Yes. The senior rate is available for customers over 65 years of age on their primary residence – proof of age is required. Just snap a photo (or copy) of your driver’s license and email it to us with your account number to: The senior rate for service is $52.10 every three months.

Is curbside composting available?

No. Please place yard and organic waste in your trash cart and leave the lid open to allow drying when possible to reduce container weight and mildew.

During the first 4 weeks of November, please set out your leaves in customer supplied Kraft paper bags. Leaves will be collected on your normal collection day.

Can I opt out of trash and recycling services?

Ada County adopted a solid waste ordinance in 2005 to establish sanitary standards. The ordinance requires all residences in Ada County to have weekly trash removal and obligates Ada County to ensure that service is provided for each household. To view the County Ordinance in its entirety, please click on the link below:

 Title 5 – Public Health & Safety, Chapter 2 – Solid Waste Management, Sections 5-2-4-1 Mandatory Residential Collection Service & Fee

What happens if I don't pay my fees?

Any unpaid fees will be certified to your real property taxes for the year within which they accrued, along with a $125.00 fee, pursuant to Idaho Code §31-4404, §63-902(10), §31-870(1) and §319870(2).

Ada County Introduces Orange Bag Recycling Program

As of October 1st, you can opt to participate in the Orange Bag Recycling Program. Please remember to clean your recyclables and don’t contaminate the recycle stream. If non-recyclable material is placed in the bag or bin, it may cause the entire container’s contents to be sent to the landfill.

Orange bag starter kits are available upon request (while supplies last) or can be purchased at local Albertsons stores.

Visit Hefty Energy Bag Program’s Website or Explore our RECYCLE section to learn more information.