BID/RFP/RFQ Respondents Bid Description Due Date Open Date
RFQ No. 15032 Respondents Warm Springs Pathway Project 4/29/2015 by 4:00 PM MDT 5/1/2015 @ 9:00 AM MDT
RFP No. 15028 Respondents Ada County Lab Information Management System 3/27/2015 by 4:00 PM MDT 3/31/2015 @ 2:00 PM MDT
GS No. 15037 Respondents Mortuary Cots for the Ada County Coroner's Office 4/30/2015 by 4:00 PM MDT 4/30/2015 @ 4:01 PM MDT
EOI No. 15012 Respondents Ada County Comprehensive Plan 3/20/2015 by 4:00 PM MDT 3/24/2015 @ 9:00 AM MDT


BID/RFP/RFQ Bid Description Award Date Awarded To Award Amount
PW No. 15030 Ada County Paramedics Access Control Purchase and Installation 3/24/2015 Global Surveillance $54,865.00
EOI No. 15026 All Hazards Mitigation Plan Update 3/6/2015 Tetra Tech $52,500.00
RFP No. 15021 Ada County Landfill Security/Transaction Camera/System Upgrade 3/3/2015 All Proposals Rejected *
RFP No. 15020 Ada County Sheriff's Office Software Upgrade to Laserfiche Rio 2/24/2015 Fisher's Technology $39,892.00
BID No. 15025 Re-Bid of the Ada County Jail Staff Dining Remodel 2/24/2015 Scott Hedrick Construction $126,900.00
BID No. 15027 Ada County Sheriff's Office Tahoe Equipment Purchase 2/17/2015 Emergency Responder Service Inc., Premier Vehicle Installation, $54,105.97
BID No. 15023 2015 HDPE Pipe and Fitting Purchase 1/27/2015 High Country Fusion/Ferguson Waterworks $125,788.68
GS No. 15029 Purchase of Geotextile for the Ada County Landfill 1/26/2015 International Lining Technology $14,050.00
BID No. 15016 2014 Landfill Groundwater Monitoring Well Drilling Project 1/6/2015 All Bids Rejected/Procured on the Open Market *
BID No. 15024 Taser Purchase for Ada County Sheriff's Office 1/6/2015 Taser International Inc. $21,201.03
RFI No. 15009 Ada County e-Procurement System 12/30/2014 No Award will be made from this RFI *
BID No. 15022 2014 or 2015 ¾ Ton Regular Cab 4X4 Pickup Truck 12/16/2014 Kendall Ford of Meridian $26,042.00
RFQ No. 15010 Architectural Consulting Services for the Ada County Juvenile Center West construction Project 12/11/2014 LCA Architects *
RFQ No. 15006 Professional Consulting Services for Ada County Jail Security System Upgrade 12/2/2014 Mead & Hunt *
BID No. 15013 Ada County Jail Staff Dining Remodel 12/2/2014 All Bids Rejected *
BID No. 15019 Sophos Renewal - Data Protection Suite 11/25/2014 En Pointe Technologies $49,867.93
AUC No. 15004 Jail Transport Busses 11/13/2014 Auction ended November 13, 2014 $4,205.49
BID No. 15005 Ada County Paramedics Station 17 Renovation 11/10/2014 Bricon, Inc. $749,000.00
RFP No. 15008 Design/Build Ada County Flow Trail Bike Ramp 11/10/2014 Alpine Bike Parks, LLC $37,900.00
GS No. 15015 Holiday Ornaments for the Ada County Sesquicentennial 11/6/2014 The Coble Company $5,038.00
GS No. 15014 Electromagnetic Tow-Behind Sweeper for the Ada County Landfill 11/4/2014 Storch Magnetics $20,230.00
BID No. 15003 Ada County Grounds Maintenance Service Project 10/21/2014 Stark Sprinkler and Landscaping *
BID No. 15001 Ada County Temporary Services for Light Industrial 10/14/2014 Personnel Plus *
BID No. 15002 Ada County Temporary Services for Expo Idaho/ Fair 10/14/2014 Personnel Plus *
GS No. 15007 Medical Oxygen for Ada County Paramedics 9/26/2014 Oxarc *
RFP No. 14071 Exclusive Alcohol Provider for Barber Park 9/16/2014 The Curb Bar & Grill *
BID No. 14076 Ada County Voice Services Upgrade 9/3/2014 TW Telecom, Holdings, Inc. $18,378.00
BID No. 14068 Reconstruction of the Ada County Landfill Entrance Road 9/2/2014 Central Paving, Inc. $395,976.49
RFP No. 14062 Ada County Dispatch Computer Rack System 8/26/2014 ESI $650,239.00
BID No. 14074 Manikins for Ada County Paramedics 8/26/2014 Life-Assist, Inc. $38,845.00
BID No. 14055 Re-bid Ada County Temporary Services for Elections 8/19/2014 AES *
BID No. 14056 Re-Bid Ada County Temporary Services for Professional-Clerical 8/19/2014 AES *
BID No. 14057 Re-Bid Ada County Temporary Services for General Labor 8/19/2014 AES *
BID No. 14058 2015 Expo Idaho Office and Grand Entrance Project 8/19/2014 Jordan-Wilcomb Construction, Inc. $1,991,000.00
BID No. 14060 Ada County Sheriff's Office Dry Cleaning Service 8/19/2014 Westco Martinizing *
BID No. 14070 Landfill Gas Well Head Supplies 8/19/2014 QED Environmental Systems, Inc. $42,970.00
GS No. 14073 Uninterruptible Power Supply Maintenance 8/15/2014 PO issued to Nationwide Power Solutions, Inc. $6,260.00
GS No. 14072 Honeywell Viewing Heads and Signal Processors 8/14/2014 PO issued to Wilson Mohr $5,450.00
RFP No. 14061 Harris Ranch Communications Facility 8/12/2014 White Cloud Communications, Inc. $226,131.22
PW No. 14063 2014 Ada County Public Safety Building Re-Roof 8/12/2014 Upson Company $54,889.00
PW No. 14067 Ada County Flow Trail Bike Ramp 8/12/2014 All Bids were rejected *
GS No. 14069 Hose Barb for Solid Waste 7/29/2014 Norco Inc. $5,934.00
GS No. 14059 Sesquicentennial Display 6/11/2014 Peppershock Media LLC $8,000.00
BID No. 14054 Purchase of Robotic Total Station 6/9/2014 Bonneville Blue Print Supply Inc $24,985.00
AUC No. 14050 Weed, Pest and Mosquito Abatement Vehicle Auction 6/4/2014 Auction ended June 4, 2014 $22,463.21
BID No. 14036 Ada County Temporary Services for Elections 5/27/2014 All Bids were rejected *
BID No. 14037 Ada County Temporary Services for Professional/Clerical 5/27/2014 All Bids were rejected *
BID No. 14039 Ada County Temporary Services for General Labor 5/27/2014 All Bids were rejected *
BID No. 14051 DVR Equipment Replacement for Juvenile Court Services 5/27/2014 Integrated Security Resources, Inc. $29,155.00
GS No. 14053 Purchasing of a Mobile ID Capture Device 5/9/2014 AFIX Technologies $9,600.00
GS No. 14052 Purchase of TRAK 9100 Reference Module 5/8/2014 TRAK Microwave Corporation $8,100.00
RFP No. 14018 Commissary Services for Ada County Sheriff's Office 4/22/2014 Aramark, in contract negotiations with number 1 ranked proposer *
RFP No. 14019 Ada County Sheriff's Office Jail Food Services 4/22/2014 Aramark, in contract negotiation with number 1 ranked proposer *
RFP No. 14024 Drug Testing Services For Ada County and Fourth District Court 4/22/2014 Contract awarded to Avertest LLC *
RFP No. 14027 Ada County Landfill Hidden Hollow Cell Phase 2 Closure Project 4/22/2014 Knife River Corporation - North $1,853,669.50
RFQ No. 14030 2014 Design Services for Ada County 911 Center 4/22/2014 CTA *
AUC No. 14034 Ada County Surplus Auction Feb 2014 4/22/2014 Auction ended April 22, 2014 $2,972.09
BID No. 14045 Ada County Courthouse 2014 Remodel 4/22/2014 Scott Hedrick Construction, Inc $463,900.00
AUC No. 14048 Landfill Tractor Auction 4/16/2014 Auction ended April 16, 2014 $1,197.98
PW No. 14010 Backup Air Conditioning Unit for Information Technology 4/8/2014 Paige Mechanical $71,830.00
BID No. 14049 Purchase of an Avatar III Robot for the Ada County Sheriff's Office 4/8/2014 Contingent on Grant Approval of BHA to RoboteX Inc. $24,979.55
EOI No. 14046 National Register Nomination for Grange Halls in Ada County 4/3/2014 Arrow Rock Architects $7,000.00
RFQ No. 14041 Design Consultant Services for Harris Ranch Communications Facility 3/28/2014 McKibben + Cooper *
RFP No. 14026 Purchase of On Body Video System for Ada County Sheriff's Office 3/25/2014 Taser International $282,110.65
PW No. 14032 Ada County Jail Chiller Replacement 3/18/2014 Buss Mechanical Services, Inc. $93,900.00
GS No. 14043 Purchase of Mirafi Geotextile or Equivalent for the Ada County Landfill 3/17/2014 Specialty Construction $23,000.00
AUC No. 14047 Auction for Weed Pest and Mosquito Abatement 3/14/2014 Auction ended March 21, 2014 $2,152.87
GS No. 14042 Purchase of Gabbions and Wire Rolls for the Ada County Landfill 3/6/2014 Mccaferri, Inc. $4,125.00
GS No. 14044 Purchase of Wire Fence for the Ada County Landfill 3/6/2014 D&B Supply $580.00
GS No. 14040 Purchase of a Ford Transit Connect XLT Premium Van 2/26/2014 PO was issued to Lithia Ford $14,986.00
RFQ No. 14029 Design Services for Ridenbaugh EMS Station 2/25/2014 McKibben + Cooper *
BID No. 14031 Mobile Mass Fatality Refrigeration Trailer for Ada County Coroner's Office 2/25/2014 Trailer Logic LLC. $38,021.25
BID No. 14017 Ada County Power Series I Backup Upgrade 2/6/2014 Miicor $82,711.00
RFP No. 13080 Electronic Document Management System for Ada County 1/28/2014 ImageSoft *
BID No. 14028 Ada County VMware Maintenance Contract 1/28/2014 Dell Marketing, L.P. $34,559.16
GS No. 14022 Purchase of a US Saws Air Powered Chainsaw and Accessories 12/31/2013 HD Supply Waterworks $4,537.80
GS No. 14025 Purchase of a Portable Multi-Gas Monitor for Ada County Solid Waste 12/31/2013 PO was issued to Grainger $769.50
BID No. 14020 Purchase of Two (2) New 2013 or 2014 Nissan Frontier Trucks or Equivalent for Ada County Weed, Pest and Mosquito Abatement 12/23/2013 Bronco Motors $45,203.00
GS No. 14021 Sesqui Calendar for Ada County 12/9/2013 Alexander Printing $3,800.00
RFQ No. 14005 Expo Idaho Administration Office and Fair Entrance Project 12/3/2013 Hummel Architects $149,905.00
PW No. 14011 Ada County Juvenile Court Services Water Heater Replacement 12/3/2013 Buss Mechanical $25,894.00
BID No. 14014 Q-Matic System Upgrade for Ada County Clerk 12/3/2013 IdentiSys $28,498.90
BID No. 14015 Purchase of a 2014 F-Series Super Duty, F-350 4X4 Styleside Pickup or Equivalent for Ada County Weed, Pest and Mosquito Abatement 12/3/2013 Bonanza Motors $26,704.00
RFP No. 13033 Ada County Sheriff's Office Computer Aided Dispatch 11/19/2013 In contract negotiations with the number one ranked proposer TriTech *
RFP No. 14003 Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Implementation Project Management 11/19/2013 Winbourne Consulting $274,060.00
RFQ No. 14004 Ada County Courthouse 2014 Office Remodel 11/19/2013 LCA Architects $40,000.00
RFI No. 14002 Ada County Temporary Staffing and Pay rolling Services 11/12/2013 There will be no award from this RFI, it may lead to a Bid or a Request for Proposal *
BID No. 14009 Rebid of Purchase of Light Duty Aluminum Gangway Ramps for Ada County Parks and Waterways Department 11/12/2013 Scottco Distributors $34,230.00
GS No. 14012 Purchase and Installation of an Eight (8) Foot Snow Plow 11/4/2013 Asphalt Systems $5,566.00
AUC No. 14006 Auction of A 1994 Ford Taurus 10/29/2013 Auction Ended 10/29/2013 $569.00
GS No. 14007 Purchase of Wooden Pallets for Ada County Solid Waste 10/23/2013 Awarded to MC Pallet $705.60
BID No. 14001 Purchase of Light Duty Aluminum Gangway Ramps for Ada County Parks and Recreation Department 10/15/2013 No Bids Received *
GS No. 14008 Purchase of Culvert HDPE Pipe for Ada County Solid Waste 10/14/2013 PO Issued to HD Fowler 10/16/2013 $2,800.00
RFP No. 13090 Waste Stream Analysis for the Ada County Landfill 10/3/2013 Green Solutions, LLC $109,191.00
RFP No. 13055 Purchase of Ada County Recorder System 10/1/2013 Helion Software $311,665.00
PW No. 13075 Seaman's Gulch Equipment Removal and Reinstallation 10/1/2013 Intermountain Communications of Southern Idaho $70,549.00
RFP No. 13067 Investment Advisory Services for Ada County 9/10/2013 FTN Financial Main Street Advisors $19,500.00
BID No. 13078 Purchase of Security Information and Event Management System 9/3/2013 The Ada Board of County Commissioners Rejected all Bids. *
RFI No. 13079 Ada and Canyon County Voting Equipment and System 8/27/2013 RFI will not result in an award *
BID No. 13089 Piping for Ada County Landfill 8/27/2013 ISCO $48,050.30
BID No. 13083 Purchase and Installation of Ada County Call Recording Software 8/20/2013 Compunet $49,345.80
BID No. 13085 Purchase of MCU Software 8/20/2013 EnPointe Technologies $41,494.74
BID No. 13086 Purchase of Vicon Equipment for Ada County 8/20/2013 Integrated Security Resources $30,602.48
BID No. 13088 Purchase of Vicon Storage Area Network Device for Ada County 8/20/2013 Integrated Security Resources $47,000.00
BID No. 13071 Custodial Services for Ada County Public Safety Complex 8/13/2013 American Cleaning Services $147,618.60
BID No. 13072 Custodial Services for 400 Benjamin Campus 8/13/2013 Automated Maintenance Services $51,302.52
BID No. 13073 Elevator Service Contract for Ada County 8/13/2013 Krupp Elevator Corporation $27,800.00
GS No. 13082 Purchase of Oxygen, Medical Cylinders, for Ada County Paramedics 8/13/2013 See Respondents Page *
BID No. 13074 Purchase of Task/ Project Management Software 8/6/2013 Bid rejected due to non-responsive *
RFP No. 13060 Ada County Landfill Hydrogen Sulfide Scrubber Project 7/30/2013 Board of Ada County Commissioners granted permission to enter into contract negotiations with SCS Field Services *
BID No. 13069 Ada County Courthouse and Administration Building 2013 Tenant Improvement Project 7/23/2013 Northcon, Inc. $215,529.16
BID No. 13077 Purchase of MobileIron Software, Maintenance and License for Ada County IT 7/23/2013 Zones Inc. $37,845.00
GS No. 13076 Purchase of Sharp Aquos Touchscreen Boards 7/19/2013 Best Buy *
BID No. 13061 Purchase of Power Gurney System for Ada County Paramedics 6/25/2013 ALL BIDS REJECTED *
RFQ No. 13059 Architectural Services for Ada County Dispatch Center Meridian Campus 6/20/2013 Cancelled *
RFQ No. 13068 Consultant for Ada County 2013 Courtroom Addition 6/20/2013 Cancelled *
PW No. 13064 Rebid of Ada County Operations' Shop Generator Upgrade 6/18/2013 Enterprise Electric $34,840.00
GS No. 13070 Purchase of a Doosan C185WK Portable Air Compressor for Ada County Solid Waste 6/17/2013 United Rental $12,303.44
BID No. 13065 Purchase of LiveScan System 6/5/2013 3M Cogent Inc. $44,636.00
PW No. 13056 Ada County Operations' Shop Generator Upgrade 5/14/2013 Project suspended. Will be rebid at a later date *
BID No. 13048 Ada County 2013 Jail Kitchen Remodel 5/7/2013 Scott Hendrix $649,950.00
BID No. 13050 Ada County Re-Roof for Work Release and Juvenile Court Services 5/7/2013 Quality Tile Roofing d.b.a. Modern Roofing $106,597.00
GS No. 13062 Purchase of Ashcroft Pressure Gauges for Ada County Solid Waste 5/7/2013 PO Issued to Paramount Supply $2,067.87
GS No. 13064 Purchase of a Rosemount 3051CG Pressure Transmitter 5/7/2013 Awarded to Sullivan and Sons $2,086.00
GS No. 13063 Purchase of LT-2000 Socket Valves for Ada County Solid Waste 5/6/2013 Awarded to T-Mex $1,598.00
BID No. 13009 Ada County Mobile Data Terminals and Components Reverse Auction 4/30/2013 Awarded to Ingram Technologies $424,776.38
RFP No. 13051 Wood Recycling Services for Ada FY 2013 4/30/2013 M. M. Demolition LLC. $4.98
GS No. 13057 Purchase a Self-Contained Compactor for Ada County Operations 4/26/2013 PO issued to WestPak $16,950.00
GS No. 13052 Purchase of Gangways for Parks and Waterways 4/25/2013 Cancelled *
GS No. 13058 Purchase of Fuel Storage Tank and Transfer Pump 4/22/2013 Solicitation has been suspended *
BID No. 13043 Ada County Solid Waste HDPE Pipe Purchase 4/15/2013 See Respondents Sheet *
GS No. 13053 Water Truck Rental for Ada County Solid Waste 4/15/2013 PO to be issued to United Rental $13,200.00
GS No. 13054 Purchase of 20 Pinus Ponderosa Trees for Ada County Parks and Waterways 4/15/2013 Po to be issued to Cloverdale Nursery $3,265.00
BID No. 13039 Purchase and Delivery of a Transformer for Ada County Courthouse 4/9/2013 All Bids Were Rejected $0.80
PW No. 13040 Ada County Jail Emergency Power Wiring and Infrastructure 4/9/2013 Awarded to Mountain Power Electrical Contractors $63,616.00
RFI No. 13016 Electronic Document Management 4/5/2013 RFI will not result in an award *
RFP No. 13034 Ada County Medical/Dental Employee Benefits 4/2/2013 Awarded to Blue Cross of Idaho *
RFI No. 13047 Ada County Service Award Program 3/28/2013 No award will be made with this RFI *
RFP No. 13014 Inmate Services For Ada County Sheriff's Office 3/26/2013 Rejected Commissary Services Portion Awarded Remainder to Telmate. $12,000.00
BID No. 13046 Purchase of DotNetNuke Software and Maintenance for Ada County Information Technology 3/19/2013 Awarded to DotNetNuke $27,164.00
GS No. 13049 Purchase of three (3) Remo Remote Placement Plugs 6-10 in 3/18/2013 PO Issued to Grainger $944.94
GS No. 13038 Purchase QSPG 1/4" Stereo Phone Plug Gold 3/13/2013 PO Issued to Parts Express $596.00
RFP No. 13030 Ada County Emergency Aerial Spraying Application 3/12/2013 Vector Disease Control International $0.80
PW No. 13037 Hazardous Waste Backflow Preventer 3/12/2013 Treasure Valley Fire Protection $34,995.00
BID No. 13042 FY2013, Landfill Gas Valve Vaults for the Ada County Landfill 3/12/2013 PO Issued GrayBar Electric $42,450.00
GS No. 13045 Purchase of a Mitsubishi Mini Truck for Ada County Parks and Waterways 3/12/2013 PO Issued to Magic Valley Mini Trucks $14,859.00
GS No. 13044 Purchase of Pressure Guage and Diaphragm Seal for Condensation Return Force Main Pipeline 3/1/2013 PO Issued to Fastenal $645.68
BID No. 13022 Purchase of Jail Transport Bus for Sheriff's Office 2/26/2013 Western Mountain Bus $199,036.00
PW No. 13035 Ada County Courthouse Appeals Remodel 2/26/2013 Vista Construction $22,749.00
GS No. 13041 Purchase of 400 bags of Bentonite for Solid Waste 2/22/2013 PO Issued to D&B Supply $1,480.00
BID No. 13008 Ada County LED Lighting Project 2/19/2013 W.W.Grainger $168,008.91
GS No. 13036 Digitization of Plats and Surveys for Ada County Recorders Office 2/19/2013 US Imaging $0.54
GS No. 13028 Purchase of Testo 605-1 Humidty Dewpoint Stick for Solid Waste 2/15/2013 PO to Grainger 2/15/13 $136.50
RFP No. 13010 All Hazards Emergency Operations Plans Consulting Services for Ada City-County Emergency Management 2/12/2013 Tetra Tech, Inc. $94.15
PW No. 13027 Ada County Public Safety Bldg Records Room Remodel 2/4/2013 All Bids Rejected *
BID No. 13032 Ada County Jail Medical Custodian Services 2/4/2013 America Cleaning $49,500.00
GS No. 13029 Purchase and Installation of a Utility Bed for a New F350 Crew Cab 1/31/2013 Awarded to Utility Truck Equipment $6,850.00
RFP No. 13012 Ada County Secure Shredding Services 1/29/2013 Awarded to Western Records Destruction $9,509.60
BID No. 13026 Ada County VMware Maintenance Contract for 2013 1/22/2013 Compunet $41,779.14
GS No. 13023 Well-Vault Identification Plates for Solid Waste 1/18/2013 PO Issued to Advanced Sign $9,676.80
GS No. 13025 Stainless Steel 1/4" Hose Barb with 1/4" NPT for Solid Waste 1/18/2013 PO Issued to Fastenal $4,860.00
GS No. 13020 Purchase of 55 - 6" ElectroFusion Couplers for Ada County Solid Waste 1/17/2013 PO to Consolidated Supply $3,575.00
GS No. 13024 Purchase of Dock Side Small "p" Profile Dock Bumpers 1/14/2013 Awarded to Butte Fence $1,136.00
GS No. 13013 Purchase of an Ada County Courtroom Projector and Lens 12/18/2012 VLCM $17,423.12
GS No. 13015 Purchase of a UTV and Snow Plow for Ada County Operations 12/18/2012 Carl's Cycle Sales $11,287.65
BID No. 13017 Purchase of a New 2013 Ford F350 4X4 for Ada County Weed, Pest and Mosquito 12/18/2012 Dan Wiebold Ford $24,993.00
GS No. 13018 Purchase of a Honeywell IRIS S706-PF Scanner and IRIS 700ACSP Signal for Landfill 12/17/2012 Wilson Mohr $1,657.75
BID No. 13007 Purchase of Components for Sheriff's Office Patrol Tahoe's 12/12/2012 See Respondents Page *
BID No. 13006 Ada County Weed Pest and Mosquito Pesticides FY2013 12/11/2012 See Respondents page *
GS No. 13011 Purchase a Gas Monitor for Ada County Solid Waste Fiscal Year 2013 12/6/2012 LandTec $9,620.00
RFQ No. 13003 Computer Aided Dispatch Consulting Services for Ada County Sheriff's Office 11/14/2012 Winbourne Consulting, LLC $125,404.00
BID No. 13002 Ada County Landfill Materials for FY 2013 11/6/2012 Clements Sand and Gravel & Rocky Mountain Gravel *
GS No. 13005 Purchase of a new UTV for Ada County Solid Waste Department 10/30/2012 Campbell Tractor $17,262.00
BID No. 13001 Ada County Juvenile Sally Port Project 10/23/2012 Hellman Construction $122,497.00
BID No. 13004 Inmate Transfer Bus for Ada County Sheriff's Office 10/16/2012 All Bids Were Rejected: this project will be re-bid at a later date *
PW No. 13000 Ada County Landfill 2012 Groundwater Well EW-11 Installation Project 10/9/2012 Haz-Tech Drilling $15,296.00
RFQ No. 12053 Public Safety Network Consulting Services for Ada County Emergency Communications 10/2/2012 Mission Critical Partners $178,334.00
RFI No. 12056 Ada County Secure Shredding Services 10/2/2012 The results of this RFI may lead to the issuance of a RFP or a Bid *
GS No. 12059 Purchase of a UTV for Ada County Operations 9/6/2012 Carls Cycle Sales $13,334.33
GS No. 12058 Purchase and Installation of an Eight (8) Foot Snow Plow 9/4/2012 Asphalt Systems Company $2,915.00
RFP No. 12040 Restaurant Concession at the Ada County Courthouse and Administration Building 8/28/2012 Idaho Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired *
BID No. 12051 Janitorial Services for Ada County Weed and Pest, Coroner, Juvenile Detention and EMS Stations 8/28/2012 A-OK Building Maintenance $43,908.00
BID No. 12052 Purchase of Microsoft Visual Studio EAP for Ada County 8/28/2012 All Bids Rejected *
GS No. 12057 Security Cameras for Ada County Landfill 8/27/2012 Total Scales $3,638.34
GS No. 12050 Pest Control for Ada County Facilities 8/21/2012 Sawyer Inc DBA Orkin Industries $10,230.00
GS No. 12054 Purchase of Rain Sheets for Ada County Landfill 8/21/2012 Northwest Linings $49,698.00
GS No. 12055 Ada County Landfill Gas Monitor 8/16/2012 Equipco $10,279.50
BID No. 12043 The Purchase of a New Dump Truck for Ada County 7/17/2012 All Bids Rejected - Purchased from Federal Surplus *
PW No. 12048 Ada County Jail, Pod B, Water Heater Replacement 7/17/2012 Buss Mechanical Service $56,000.00
PW No. 12049 Ada County Main Circuit Maintenance Project 7/17/2012 Enterprise Electric, Inc. $8,800.00
GS No. 12047 Purchase of Used GPS Survey Equipment 7/13/2012 The Land Group $14,000.00
RFP No. 12014 Ada County Jail Biometric Identification 7/10/2012 3M Cogent $75,000.00
BID No. 12041 Purchase of Material for Landfill Road Maintenance Projects 7/3/2012 Rocky Mountain Gravel and Clements Sand and Gravel *
RFP No. 12045 Ada County Elections Video 7/3/2012 North by Northwest $23,350.00
GS No. 12046 Purchase of SmartDitch HDPE Ditch Liner for the Ada County Solid Waste Department 7/2/2012 HD Fowler Company $18,471.00
GS No. 12044 Purchase of a Enclosed Trailer for Ada County 6/15/2012 American Trailer Sales $1,510.00
GS No. 12042 Purchase of a New or Used Non CDL Five (5) Yard Dump Truck for Ada County 6/5/2012 Rejected all solicitations will be rebid. *
BID No. 12035 Ada County Juvenile Detention Tenant Improvement 5/22/2012 Excelsior Construction Company $53,699.00
BID No. 12038 Civic Plaza Parking Deck Project 5/22/2012 No Bids Received *
BID No. 12029 Marigold Parking Lot Construction Project 5/15/2012 Nampa Paving and Asphalt Co. $160,888.80
BID No. 12034 Re-Bid of the Ada County Jail Pod D 5/15/2012 Scott Hedrick Construction Inc. -- Contract Signed 05/22/2012 $4,677,000.00
RFP No. 12031 Ada County Landfill 2012 Gas Collection Pipeline Project 5/8/2012 Environmental Earthworks, Inc $190,840.00
BID No. 12037 Landfill Gas Valve Vaults for the Ada County Landfill 5/2/2012 Graybar Electric $104,120.00
RFI No. 12020 Inventory Management Software for the Ada County Jail 4/24/2012 There will be no award for this RFI, an RFP or Bid may be issued at a later date. *
BID No. 12024 Rebid of Ada County Video Arraignment and Conferencing Purchase and Installation 4/24/2012 CompuNet $262,379.92
BID No. 12027 Ada County Courthouse First Floor Break Room Remodel 4/17/2012 Straight-Line Building Solutions, LLC $43,000.00
RFP No. 12018 Ada County Star and Seaman's Gulch Radio Shelter Towers Purchase and Installation 4/16/2012 Idaho Tower Construction $387,484.00
BID No. 12023 Ada County Expo Idaho Painting Project 4/16/2012 O'Connor Painting LLC $32,750.00
GS No. 12033 Ada County VMware maintenance contract 4/10/2012 Award to Compunet Inc. $25,414.00
GS No. 12032 Purchase of Mirafi Geotextile or Equivalent for the Ada County Landfill 4/9/2012 PO will be issued $22,250.00
GS No. 12036 Impermeable Ditch Liner for Ada County Landfill 4/6/2012 SmartDitch $19,062.00
BID No. 12007 Ada County Courthouse Radio Tower Installation 4/3/2012 Enterprise Electric $133,840.00
GS No. 12026 Purchase of Soiltec V5A Wellhead Assembly for the Ada County Landfill 4/3/2012 Soiltec $32,200.00
RFP No. 12028 400 Benjamin Outdoor Food Vendor 4/1/2012 No Proposals were received *
BID No. 12019 Piping for Ada County Landfill (Solid Waste) 3/27/2012 High Country Fusion $171,515.00
GS No. 12030 Purchase of Two Inch Drain Rock for Ada County Landfill 3/27/2012 Clements Concrete / Sand & Grav $45,662.40
BID No. 12012 Ada County Jail Pod D Expansion 3/20/2012 All Bids Were Rejected, Project Will be Re-Bid *
RFP No. 12001 Ada County Banking Services 3/13/2012 Awarded to U.S. Bank *
GS No. 12021 Purchase of HDPE Culvert Pipe for Ada County Landfill 3/12/2012 Purchase Order will be issued $6,049.00
GS No. 12025 Purchase of Flex Hose for the Ada County Solid Waste Department 3/8/2012 Snook inc. $6,857.90
BID No. 12016 Rebid of Ada County Expansion of Weed and Pest Facilities Phase II Truck Storage Building 2/29/2012 Award To Ellsworth Kincaid Construction $1,004,077.00
BID No. 12015 Ada County Weed, Pest & Mosquito Abatement Pesticides 2/28/2012 Projected Award Date *
RFI No. 12017 Mobile Data Terminals for the Ada County Sheriff's Office Patrol Fleet 2/22/2012 A RFP may be issued following the completion of this RFI *
BID No. 12010 Ada County Purchase and Installation of Video Arraignment Equipment (Qualification Stage Public Works Category B) 2/21/2012 All Qualification Submittal Were Rejected -- Project Will be Re-bid *
BID No. 12013 Ada County IBM i5 Series Upgrade 2/14/2012 Miicor, Inc -- Base plus optional two year pre-paid IBM software maintenance $119,436.76
GS No. 12022 Purchase of Cobble Rock for Ada County Landfill 2/12/2012 Purchase order to be issued *
GS No. 13019 Purchase of Elmo P30HD Visual Presenter for Ada County Operations 1/4/2012 PO Issued to V.L.C.M. *
GS No. 13021 Purchase of Electrofusion Processor for Solid Waste 1/4/2012 Awarded to ISCO $3,750.00
BID No. 12009 Ada County Expansion of Weed and Pest Facilities Phase II Truck Storage Building 1/3/2012 All bids have been rejected by the Board of Ada County Commissioners *
GS No. 12004 Ada County Parks and Waterways Composite Decking, FY2012 12/28/2011 Home Depot $35,750.40
GS No. 12011 Ada County Landfill GPS Equipment Purchase 12/27/2011 Bonneville Blueprint Supply---Topcon Option 2 $28,496.00
RFQ No. 11020 Local Improvement District 1101, Sage Acres Water Improvement Project 12/13/2011 Rejected all Proposals *
PW No. 12008 Ada County Jail POD D Expansion Staging Area 12/6/2011 WF Construction $38,000.00
BID No. 12006 Ada County Sheriff's Office Patrol Vehicle Purchase for Fiscal Year 2012 (2WD Pursuit Rated Chevrolet Tahoe) 11/20/2011 No Bids Received *
RFI No. 12002 Biometric Identification for the Ada County Jail 11/7/2011 RFI's reviewed by Ada County Sheriff's Office *
PW No. 12003 Ada County Courthouse Avenue A Asphalt Paving Project: Phase II 10/5/2011 WF Construction & Sales 10/05/2011 $48,052.00
RFP No. 11021 Ada County Landfill 2011 Gas Extraction Wells Project 10/4/2011 Shaw Environmental and Infrastructure, Inc -- Contract Signed 10/18/2011 see respondents attachment $368,040.00
RFP No. 11024 Ada County Landfill Ground Water Monitoring Wells 10/4/2011 Hiddleston and Sons, INC $65,376.50
RFI No. 11019 Inmate Food Service for Ada County Jail 9/16/2011 Documents Turned over to the ACSO for evaluation *
GS No. 11025 Ada County Landfill HDPE Pipe and Electro-fusion Coupling 2011 9/9/2011 High Country Fusion (Able to meet the September 30, 2011 Delivery Date) $30,094.78
GS No. 11026 Ada County Landfill Purchase of Mirafi Geotextile or Equivalent for 2011 9/9/2011 EC Applications $5,715.00
RFP No. 11022 Ada County Animated Elections Training Video 8/30/2011 All Proposals Rejected *
GS No. 11023 Purchase of a 2011 Ford F-150 for the Ada County Landfill 8/24/2011 Meridian Ford $21,535.00
RFP No. 11013 Ada County Sheriff's Office Inmate Telephone Services 8/9/2011 Awarded to the number one ranked --Telmate *
BID No. 11015 Ada County Custodial Services (Courthouse, Assessors, Indigent Services, Justice Center, Juvenile Court Services) 8/9/2011 Clearview Cleaning Services, Inc $274,900.00
RFP No. 11018 Ada County Landfill Interface Road Project 8/9/2011 Awarded to Environmental Earthworks, Inc. -- Ranked Number 1 *
BID No. 11014 Ada County Court House Grounds Maintenance 8/2/2011 Awarded to Pro-Care Landscape Management, Inc $38,804.00
RFP No. 11016 Pre-sort Distribution Services for Ada County 7/26/2011 AutoSort *
RFP No. 11012 Service and Repair of the Emergency Generators for Ada County 7/21/2011 EC Power Systems *
GS No. 11017 Purchase of 2011 Ford Escape for ACCEM 7/19/2011 Dan Wiebold Ford $21,263.00
BID No. 1110 Vernon L. Bisterfeldt Public Safety Building-Jail Video Arraignment Remodel 6/28/2011 EKC $63,758.00
BID No. 1109 Rebid Ada County Juvenile Detention Security System Upgrade 6/13/2011 Engineered Control Systems Contract Signed See Respondents $162,313.00
RFP No. 11-06 Barber Park Photovoltaic Project 5/17/2011 Powerhouse Electric on 5/17/2010 Contingent on the passage of the amendment to Ordinance # 772, tabled to June 8, 2011 *
RFQ No. 11-01 Architectural Consulting Services for the Pod D Expansion of the Ada County Jail 5/10/2011 LCA Architects *
RFP No. 11-05 Ada County Microfilm Digitization Services 5/10/2011 US Imaging *
AUC No. 11-01 Public Auction of Les Bois Park Lease 4/11/2011 Treasure Valley Racing LLC *
RFP No. 11-04 Auditing Services for Ada County's CAR 4/11/2011 Awarded to Eide Bailey *
BID No. 1108 Ada County Emergency Communications Electrical Generator Purchase And Installation 4/5/2011 High County Electric $49,725.00
RFP No. 11-03 Les Bois Park Lease 3/29/2011 Proposal Rejected Because it Does Not Meet Minimum Standards *
BID No. 1107 Ada County Juvenile Detention Security System Upgrade 3/29/2011 Rejected All Bids *
RFP No. 11-02 Expo Idaho RV Park Operator 3/15/2011 Boise-Meridian RV Park Resort *
RFP No. 11-01 Ada County Parking Services 3/8/2011 The Car Park *
BID No. 1106 Expo Idaho RV Park Restroom and Office Remodel Project 1/25/2011 Alta Construction $90,507.00
BID No. 1103 Ada County Ground Water Monitoring Well Installation Project 1/18/2011 Hiddleston & Sons $58,868.32
BID No. 1104 Ada County Paramedics Video 1/18/2011 Date Projections for base bid $181,211.00
BID No. 1105 Ada County Courthouse Parking Control Equipment Upgrades 12/28/2010 BOCC Voted to Reject all bids *
BID No. 1102 Ada County Sheriff's Office Patrol Vehicles Purchase (Ford Crown Vic), Fiscal Year 2011 12/7/2010 Dan Weibold Ford $181,775.00
BID No. 1101 ADA COUNTY PARAMEDICS STATION 36 10/26/2010 K-J Corporation $790,000.00
GS No. 1101 MOTOR VEHICLE CUSTODIAL SERVICES 10/20/2010 A + Quick n Clean - contact Purchasing for award information *
RFQ No. 10-02 Engineering-Architectural Consulting Services for the Design and Construction of Scale Houses and Scales at the Ada County Landfill 6/29/2010 Engineering Science Construction *
EOI No. 12039 Ada County Renewable Energy Industrial Park Development *
RFQ No. 13066 Architectural Consulting Services for Dispatch Center *
GS No. 14023 Plastic Strip Curtains for Garage Bay Doors at Landfill *
RFI No. 14033 e-Procurement *
RFP No. 14061 Harris Ranch Communications Site *
GS No. 14064 Steel Cargo Containers for ASCO *
AUC No. 14065 Auction of Four (4) Jail Transport Busses *
GS No. 14072 Honeywell Viewing Heads and Signal Processors Wilson Mohr $5,450.00
GS No. 14075 Landfill Plumbing Material *
RFP No. 15017 Ada County Indigent Services Collection Services *

* Contact Procurement at 208.287.7123

Ada County OfficesCourthouse200 W. Front StreetBoise, ID 83702Phone: (208) 287-7080