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Recreational Vehicle Licensing & Registration

Law Changes begin
January 1, 2009

New rules for registering and licensing all all-terrain vehicles (ATV), motorbikes, and utility vehicles (UTV), begin on January 1, 2009. Instead of renewing a prior registration/license for your ATV, motorbike, or UTV, the new law requires owners to initially purchase both a ‘restricted vehicle’ plate AND an Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation (IDPR) off-highway vehicle (OHV) registration sticker. The Restricted Vehicle plates and the 2009 IDPR off-highway stickers will be available ONLY at your County Assessor’s office/DMV.

The IDPR off-highway registration will continue to be required annually and new stickers must be obtained and displayed on the Restricted Vehicle plate each calendar year. The new ‘Restricted Vehicle’ plates themselves are required to be re-issued every seven (7) years. The plate will remain with the vehicle if sold to a new owner during the plate life of 7 years. Receiving a plate will require the user to title the off-highway vehicle with the State of Idaho.

Restricted vehicles cannot operate on any state or controlled access roadway. They can cross state roadways at specified crossing points approved by the Idaho Transportation Department Board. Restricted vehicles are allowed to operate on any county roadway unless a political subdivision prohibits such operation on a specific roadway. A valid driver’s license and proof of liability insurance is still required when operating an ATV, UTV, or motorbike on any county roads unless otherwise closed by the authorized jurisdiction that manages that road.

The new $10 OVH registration sticker will fund maintenance on trails open to motorized use.

The ‘restricted’ plate will be the size of a motorcycle plate and must be displayed on the rear of the vehicle. The plate will be white with black lettering. Each ‘restricted’ plate will cost $3.00. You cannot buy a plate without also buying an OHV registration sticker for a total cost of $13 plus other applicable fees. You cannot renew the OHV registration without presenting a registration document for the plate.

Motorcycles wishing to ride on trails will have to purchase the OVH sticker and affix it to their current motorcycle license plate. Registered motorcycles do not need to purchase the ‘restricted’ plate.

Non-residents are not required to register in Idaho unless they have operated within the state for more than 30 days. Non-resident registration stickers will be available for purchase at all Idaho recreation registration vendors, County Assessor’s offices/DMVs and IDPR Service Centers.

In 2010, the regular renewal sticker process will be available to anyone who registered in 2009.

For more information contact your County Assessor’s office/DMV.