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Street Naming and Addressing

A standardized system of street names and addresses is vital for the efficient delivery of public services, especially 911 emergency services, and all jurisdictions in Ada County require that street names and addresses be approved before use. The Land Records Division plays an important role in the process by administering the Ada County Street Naming and Addressing Ordinance as well as managing street naming and addressing for other jurisdictions in the county through joint powers agreements.

Street Naming

The Land Records Division manages street naming for all jurisdictions in Ada County. Each jurisdiction has its own standards and procedures for street naming, but review of all applications is administered by the Land Records Division.

Use the guide and application below if you wish to apply to name a new street or change the name of an existing street:

Street Name Lookup Tool

For existing or reserved streets in Ada County.

Street Name Evaluations

Completed street name evaluations used by engineers, surveyors, developers and planning departments.



The Land Records Division manages addressing for unincorporated Ada County, except in the Boise City area of impact, and for the cities of Eagle, Star, Garden City, and Kuna. Addresses for new subdivisions and condominium developments are assigned by staff after the final plat is recorded. For other instances where address assignment is necessary, such as during the building permit process, property owners should contact the Land Records Division and request an address.

The Ada County addressing standards are located in Chapter 2-1 of Ada County Code, and you can refer to the following frequently asked questions to learn more about the addressing process

Additional Information

If you need assistance or have questions about street naming or addressing, please contact the county addressing technician

Email:  County Addressing Technician

Phone:  208-287-7273.