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Land Records

To compile Ada County property ownership records in support of assessment analysis and public inquiry.
SLOGAN: “Where we plot your plats and track your tracts!”

The ever-increasing number of parcels, plus the increasing demand for information, requires that the Land Records Division first meet the expectation of the public at large, of the county’s land information community, and of its local governments for accurate, precise, timely information about land ownership and boundaries, and for digital availability of this data. It must then exceed those expectations by further automating systems and providing easier access to information, by allowing (through geographic information systems) sophisticated analysis for assessment, planning and zoning, public safety, and other functions, and by achieving greater cost effectiveness.

We believe that every name on every deed, and every line on every map, is meaningful, important and worthy of professional care and attention. We believe that the work we do is of enduring, permanent interest to the public, and that we can perform this vital function with great efficiency and reliability. We believe that the public should be served in a caring, timely, and open manner, and that we should cooperate with other mapping entities whenever possible.