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Assessor’s Timetable

Important Dates
January 1 Date of Market Value and Property Tax Lien date
January 1 Circuit Breaker application period begins
1st Monday of January DEADLINE: Missed Property Assessment Notices mailed
4th Monday of January (January Commissioners’ Meeting): Equalize missed property assessments
March 15 DUE: Personal Property Declarations
April 15 DEADLINE: Exemption applications
3rd week of May 2nd half tax bills mailed
1st Monday of June DEADLINE: Property Roll Assessment Notices mailed
June 20 DUE: 2nd half property taxes
4th Monday of June County Board of Equalization begins
4th Monday of June Assessor completes assessments
4th Monday of June DEADLINE: for filing Appeals of Values on Primary Roll
2nd Monday of July County Board of Equalization ends
2nd Monday of July Treasurer mails Delinquent Tax Notices
2nd Monday of July DEADLINE: Commissioners’ action on Hardship, Casualty Loss Exemption applications
August Notice of Pending Issue of Tax Deed
3rd Week of August Publication of County Budget and Notice of Public Hearing
2nd Monday of September Commissioners set Tax Levy
4th Monday of October State Tax Commission reviews and approves levies
November 1 DEADLINE: Transient Personal Property Filing
1st Monday of November DEADLINE: Report of Leased or Rental Property changing status.
4th Monday of November DEADLINE: Tax Bills mailed out
4th Monday of November DEADLINE: Subsequent Roll Assessment Notices mailed
December 20 DUE: 1st half property tax payment