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Documents and Forms

NEW**  ALL exemptions that require an application must be made by April 15th!

Exemptions and Reductions
Homeowners Exemption Application
Site Improvement Exemption – Idaho Code 63-602W
Agricultural Exemption Application – 5 Acres or Less
Agricultural Exemption Application – More than 5 Acres
Casualty Loss Exemption/Tax Cancellation
Tax Exemption Appeal Form
2019 Property Tax Reduction (Circuit Breaker)
Property Tax Reduction Brochure
Property Tax Reduction Application & Instructions
Property Tax Reduction Income Brackets
Property Tax Reduction Community Outreach
Property Tax Reduction Medical Expense Form
Property Tax Deferral Brochure
Property Tax Deferral Application
100% Service-Connected Disabled VA Brochure
100% Service-Connected Disabled VA Application
Affidavit of Possessory and Security Interests
Affidavit Regarding Residence in Revocable Trust
Affidavit for Homestead Exemptions (Corporation)
Change of Address
Homeowner’s Exemption Recovery Appeal Form
Public Information Request – Assessor
State Category Codes (Property Assessment Categories)
Personal Property Declaration
Personal Property Declaration for Excel (Use for electronic reporting)
Personal Property Declaration for Migratory Equipment
Personal Property  Valuation Schedules
Personal Property Exemption Election Form
Manufactured Housing An Educational Guide to Property Tax
Statement of Intent to Declare Manufactured Home Real Property
Reversal of Declaration of a Manufactured Home as Real Property
Land Records
Land Records Division Action Request Form
Motor Vehicle Licensing
Various Specialty License Plates
Special Vehicles Plate Application
Military Plates Application
Special Interest Plates Application
I.T.D. Change of Address Request
Disability Plates and Placards
Sales Tax Exemption ST-133
Lien Letters Select Lien Location:
Affidavit of Inheritance
Bill of Sale
Indemnifying Affidavit
Notice of Release of Liability
Power of Attorney
Satisfaction of Lien
Small Estate Affidavit
Sales Tax Exemption/Capital Asset Transfer Affidavit