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Assessor’s Public Records Request Form

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  • Note: Idaho Code § 74-113, 115 & 120 permit Ada County to verify requestor's identity for the purpose of: Protecting personal information in compliance with state and federal law, and to ensure this information is NOT for purposes such as mailing/solicitation list or to supplant a discovery procedure.

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
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  • (Please note that e-mail is generally the most cost-effective method for delivering documents. Requests for large amounts of data may require that data be placed on CD or a similar data medium, resulting in fees as outlined below. Delivery by e-mail may eliminate per page copying fees, however, will not eliminate fees charged for staff time if applicable. Fees must be paid in advance, including staff processing time if estimated at greater than two (2) hours.)

All emails sent to County officials are public records and may have to be disclosed in response to requests for public records, including names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

Request Receipt & Department Review: Request Completion: Copy & Staff Work Time Fees
Request Recipient Date
Reviewer Date
Reviewer Date
Reviewer Date

Note: Some departments may choose to have multiple reviewers

Request Completed By
Date Completed
Date Requestor Contacted
Notification by:
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Date Request Picked Up or Sent
Pursuit to I.C. § 74-102(10) & Ada County
Resolution #1933 & 1946______ x $.01 / $.06 = $___________
# Pages Copied > 100 (1 ¢ b/w; 6¢ color) Fee
Records larger than 8.5″x14″: $0.15 per sq. ft gray & white; $2.25 per sq. ft. color.
Alternate medium: Required or requested use of a data medium such as a CD or thumb drive, will require a charge equal to the cost of such medium (first $5.00 waived).

$ x $
Cost of
Quantity Fee

$______________ / per hour
Hourly Rate of Staff Completing Request (First two (2) Hours are FREE of charge)

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