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About Business Personal Property

What is personal property? What personal property is exempt? When must I report my personal property? How are my personal property taxes determined? These — and other questions are answered on our Personal Property Taxation FAQs page.

Idaho Code §63-602KK(2) grants the personal property exemption to each taxpayer.

When Must I Report My Business’s Personal Property?

Check out our business (“personal”) property calendar! 

How Do I Report My Business’s Personal Property?

If you own personal property taxes on your business, you must fill out a declaration and return it to the assessor no later than the date stated on the form. A Personal Property Report is required each year if there is no change from the prior year. Anyone failing to report will be subject to appraisal at a value estimated by the assessor or at two times the value.

Report electronically! The PERSONAL PROPERTY DECLARATION forms are now available online!
Download the declaration in Microsoft Excel (.xls) format.


The Valuation Schedules provided by The Idaho State Tax Commission are available here in .pdf format or MS Excel format.

If you have a question about personal property taxation, contact us at!