Juror Information


(1) RETURN JURY QUALIFICATION QUESTIONNAIRE and attachments OR complete online Jury Qualification Questionnaire.
(2) Summons (read & follow CALL-IN instructions)
(3) Call-in, listen for your reporting number
(4) Report for orientation and jury service

Those not selected to serve on a jury are instructed to continue calling the telephone-recorded message, each evening after 5:00 P.M., for further instructions.


Call (208) 287-7570 the weekend before your appearance date, and each evening after 5:00 P.M., on a daily basis. You will hear a recorded message, listen for your reporting number. Please listen to the entire message.


Security is mandatory in all court facilities. Please do not bring brief cases, extra bags, or items that could be construed as a weapon such as: guns, pocket knives, mace, scissors, razor blades, crochet hooks, knitting needles and other metal objects. These items will delay the security check in.


Jurors should appear dressed in a manner that is respectful of the Court. Uniforms, shorts, and improper clothing are not acceptable. Be on time, allow the entire day for your jury service.


Parking is available on the East side of the Ada County Courthouse in the parking garage or parking lot. Please enter via Avenue A. You must bring the parking ticket to the Jury Office for validation. The parking garage will close at 5pm.


If you need an interpreter for any language other than the English language, please notify the Jury Commissioner's Office at least two days prior to starting your service.


You can unknowingly cause a mistrial, so please do not talk to anyone about the case while assigned to a trial. Also, law books, dictionaries and medical books are not allowed in the jury deliberation rooms, and jurors may not ask questions during the course of the trial. Your only opportunity to talk is when you are questioned during the voir dire questioning, which is the formal jury selection process.

Do not bring family members or children to jury service.

Ada County OfficesCourthouse200 W. Front StreetBoise, ID 83702Phone: (208) 287-7080