FAX: (208) 287-7579        E-MAIL: jury.commission@adaweb.net
    TELEPHONE NUMBER: (208) 287-7570 EXTENSION “0”.
    ADDRESS: Ada County Jury Commissioner, 200 W. Front St., Boise, Idaho 83702
May I bring a personal electronic device with me to Jury Service?
    Yes, you may bring it with you, but it can only be used in the Jury Assembly Room.
I received mail at my address for a person who does not live in Ada County. How is this handled?
    Simply write “Not at This Address” on the front of the mailer; the U. S. Post Office will return the document to the Ada County Jury Commissioner. The Court will research the document for the correct address.
I am 70 years of age or older and wish to be excused.
    At age 70 or older you may be excused. You may telephone, email or complete the questionnaire and return it to Ada County Jury Commissioner. Please indicate you wish to be excused.
How do I request a postponement of service?
    Please complete your qualification questionnaire and postponement section stating your reason; you must provide a new date for the postponement. If you have already completed your questionnaire you may mail, email or fax your request.
I have moved from Ada County and I received a summons.
    Please mail, email or fax a copy of your driver’s license or voter registration from the new county where you currently reside.
How did I get selected for Jury Service in Ada County? How often am I required to serve?
    Your name was randomly drawn from a driver’s license or voter registration records. You may be summoned every year; but you are not required to serve, if it has been within the past 3 years.
Can a juror be excused for medical reasons?
    You may submit documentation from a medical physician. Your physician may mail, fax, or email the document. Once the document has been accepted, return confirmation will be mailed to you.
May I correct my address and/or name on the questionnaire?
    You may update this information on the jury qualification questionnaire. If you have already submitted this information you may mail, email or fax any changes to us.
How do I provide documentation to my employer or educational institution that I appeared for jury service?
    When you check in for jury service, request employment verification. At any time, you may request verification documentation; it will be sent directly to the juror only.
I am not a citizen of the United States of America. How may I be excused?
    You may mail, email or fax a copy of your green card, passport, I-94 or residence card to the Ada County Jury Commissioner.
Active Duty Military Orders or the spouse of the Active Duty Military person has received a jury summons. How can they be excused?
    Please mail, email or a fax a copy of your current orders or letter from your commanding officer for consideration. You may black out any personal areas from your Orders.
I have been convicted of a felony, but have completed my probation or parole. Am I eligible to serve as a juror?
    If you have completed your probation or parole you may serve as a juror. If you have not, simply submit the name of your probation or parole officer for dismissal.
What kind of dress attire should I wear when I report for Jury Service?
    Jurors should appear dressed in a manner that is respectful of the Court. Uniforms, shorts, and improper clothing are not acceptable.
Where do I park as a juror?
    Parking is available on the East side of the Ada County Courthouse. There are 2 entrances; Avenue “A” or a second entrance just West of Avenue A. Bring your parking ticket to the Ada County Jury Commissioner for validation. Please review your Reporting and Parking Instructions.
Do I need to know anything about the security check when I arrive at the Ada County Courthouse?
    Security is mandatory in all court facilities. Please do not bring brief cases, extra bags, or items that could be construed as a weapon such as: guns, pocket knives, mace, scissors, razor blades, crochet hooks, knitting needles and other metal objects. These items will delay the security check in.
Are jurors compensated for Jury Service in Ada County?
    Jurors are paid $5.00 for one half day and $10.00 for a full day, plus 54 cents per mile from your home to the Ada County Courthouse Complex and return. Checks are mailed about 2 weeks after your service. Please contact the Ada County Jury Commissioner, if you have not received your check within 30 days. If you wish to have your funds donated to the Jury Assistance Program, please contact the Jury Commissioner at your earliest convenience.
What is the Jury Assistance Program and how is the money used?
    Jurors may donate their jury fees and mileage to the Jury Assistance Program, or Juror’s Helping Juror’s. This fund will assist other jurors, with child care, taxi service, and many other amenities that will enhance the jury process.
What is the location of the Ada County Jury Commissioner’s Office?
    We are located on the 4th floor of the Ada County Courthouse Complex, Room 4117.
Am I allowed to bring a book or newspaper with me to read?
    No law books, dictionaries, or newspapers are permitted. You may bring a book to read while in the Jury Assembly area; you may not read your book in the Courtroom.
May I bring food items or beverages in the Ada County Courthouse?
    Yes, refrigerators, microwaves and eating utensils are provided in the Jury Commissioner’s Office and all deliberation rooms.
May I bring my children with me to jury service?
    No, please do not bring any family members or children with you. The cases that you will hear are very serious cases and your attention will be mandatory.

If your question has not been answered and you need personal assistance, please contact Cheryl L. Hoff, Ada County Jury Commissioner at (208) 287-7577.

Ada County OfficesCourthouse200 W. Front StreetBoise, ID 83702Phone: (208) 287-7080