Our Mission

To secure maximum value for each taxpayer dollar by serving
Ada County offices, departments, and the public in a timely and
courteous manner.



From strategically planning the procurement process to managing and executing plans, the Ada County Procurement team performs services for all Ada County departments and offices. Our responsibilities include guiding individuals through the procurement process, maintaining ethical and impartial relations with vendors, and assisting with the budget process. Our ultimate goal is to "secure the maximum value for each taxpayer dollar." Our team knows the procedures, policies, and best practices when it comes to procurement. We ensure that decentralized programs have centralized controls by creating rules and regulations for purchasing that are in the County's best interest and ensure compliance with Idaho Code. The support and advice we offer on capital projects and acquisitions are an integral part of the County's growth and development.

Ada County Procurement Team

Alyssa Mitchell

Procurement Officer

Rusty McNeill

Procurement Officer

Bob Perkins

Procurement Manager

Contact Information

Ada County Procurement

Ada County Courthouse

200 W. Front St

Boise, Idaho 83702





Ada County OfficesCourthouse200 W. Front StreetBoise, ID 83702Phone: (208) 287-7080